Damning Video Appears To Show Just How Much Trouble the Biden/Harris Campaign Could Be In


Despite polling showing Democrats with a seemingly insurmountable lead with less than two weeks until the election, it is impossible to ignore the enthusiasm deficit that continues to plague them on the campaign trail.

On Wedensday, Sen. Kamala Harris of California campaigned at an outdoor event in Asheville, North Carolina.

Harris, who was chosen as Biden’s running mate in a decision that was partly based on her gender and ethnicity, doesn’t appear to elicit a great deal of excitement.

She landed in Asheville on Wednesday wearing a pair of tennis shoes that were probably carefully chosen as a way for her to show us how genuine and raw she is.

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Reporter Jasmine Wright shared video of Harris arriving.

Wright, a video producer covering the 2020 election for CNN, followed Harris to an event where she promoted early voting.

The only issue for Harris, who has been a ghost on the trail, is that few people seemed interested in hearing her speak.

C-SPAN video from the event shows a crowd of roughly 25 people, and that includes members of the media and security.

Footage of the event from ABC News shows the crowd from another angle, shown at the 16:40 mark.

While certainly not scientific, pollsters continue to tell us that Democrats are up big.

Wright told us the lack of a crowd was because of the country’s current health situation:

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The New York Times’ most recent Tarheel State polling says the Biden/Harris ticket is up by four points.

Do you think President Donald Trump will be re-elected?

The Asheville crowd, or lack thereof, makes those numbers difficult to believe.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a former magnet for crowds of young people, faced the same issue when campaigning for Biden in New Hampshire earlier this month.

Where was everybody?

Democrats and the establishment media tell us that during a pandemic, such as the one we’re in now, campaign events with large crowds are simply too dangerous.

But how does that logic explain the attendance at these events:

How does that logic square up with the crowds President Donald Trump has drawn since his return to the campaign trail?

Look at the enthusiasm for Trump’s Wednesday North Carolina rally:

Look at this crowd for Trump in North Carolina from last month:

The polls say most Americans are energized and ready to line up and vote out Trump in favor of a green revolution where police officers are relics of a racist past, and wind farms will dot the landscapes of every city.

Perhaps the polls are right this time.

Or maybe that evasive, quiet Trump support is out there again this year, just as it was in 2016, and pollsters are missing it.

In any event, the energy for Biden and Harris shown in polling isn’t readily apparent on the campaign trail.

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