Dan Bongino Reveals the Real Reason He Left Fox News, Gives His Opinion on Tucker Carlson


One of the biggest names in conservative media is giving an inside take as to why he left Fox News.

Dan Bongino explained why he quit his role as a weekend host at Fox, speaking in a Friday episode of the Megyn Kelly Show.

Bongino revealed that Fox management was increasingly asking him to host his “Unfiltered” show as a live broadcast on Saturdays — rather than pre-recording the show on Fridays.

“My show, they were dying to re-up … we negotiated for an entire year,” Bongino said of his deliberations with Fox.

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“I’m not the Saturday guy, Megyn. I’m sorry. I can’t work six days a week.”

“I’ve got young kids, and I’m not working six days a week.”

Should Fox News have let Bongino walk out the door?

Bongino wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t fired from Fox — accusing partisan leftists of falsely stating as such.

“I definitely was not fired,” he said. “Liberals are just making that up.”

The conservative media heavyweight also explained what he views as the internal dynamics at Fox.

Even though Bongino has left the network, he still views it as a vital element of American and conservative media.

“We need Fox. … We need a healthy, conservative alternative. … We need them healthy. What are we going to do — watch MSNBC or CNN? (And) they need to explain what happened with Tucker.”

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Bongino advised Fox’s management against going silent on the reason why Tucker Carlson was fired — urging the network to give viewers transparency as to why cable news’ most viewed host was ignominiously canned.

“You can’t leave this out there in the ether. Because people are filling in the blanks. … They’ve got to explain this, or the problems are going to continue.”

Fox News has taken a serious hit to its ratings in the aftermath of Carlson’s firing.

The network fell into second place in cable behind MSNBC on Monday, according to Adweek — a nearly unprecedented event in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s term as president.



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