Dan Crenshaw Calls Out Bernie Sanders for 'Pandering' to Vets: 'Now It's Personal'


Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, blasted 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders this week for “pandering” to military veterans.

It all started Sunday, when the Vermont senator tried to make a point about how veterans are taken care of in the United States.

“If you can’t afford to take care of your veterans, then don’t go to war,” Sanders tweeted.

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Crenshaw, who lost his eye in a combat injury sustained in 2012 in Afghanistan, wasn’t having it.

This time, he said, Sanders’ pandering is “personal.”

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“Watching Bernie pander to different groups to get their vote has always disgusted me, but now it’s personal,” Crenshaw tweeted Tuesday.

“I didn’t go to war so that you would take care of me, Bernie,” he added. “I went because I wanted to serve and our country needed it.”

Speaking Thursday on Fox News, Crenshaw expounded on why he hates to see politicians like Sanders “pandering” to veterans.

“I have always disliked it when politicians start pandering to veterans and telling us how bad we have it and that if we just vote for them that they’ll fix all of our problems,” Crenshaw told “Fox & Friends.”

“That’s just not true,” he said.

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“It also gets to a really false choice, which is why we went to war in the first place,” the congressman said. “I went there because our country needed it. We went there because it was in the best interest of our country.”

Crenshaw said Sanders is trying to divide Americans on caring for veterans, something he said should be a “bipartisan issue.”

“That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of our veterans, but this is also, another, I think, falsehood that Bernie is spreading,” he said.

“He’s trying to rile people up,” Crenshaw added. “He’s trying to make people angry. He’s trying to tell … veterans that they are victims. And that only he can take care of them. I just think that’s such a dishonest way to do politics, and I think he should be called out for it.”

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