Daughter of Former NFL Team Owner Arrested for Assault Following Anti-Semitic Rant


The daughter of one-time Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke is facing criminal charges related to her alleged assault of an attorney earlier this week.

According to Fox News, Jacqueline Kent Cooke is accused of unleashing a flurry of profane and antisemitic barbs at a 52-year-old lawyer and his family.

The 29-year-old socialite was reportedly standing in line Sunday night behind Matthew Haberkorn at Caravaggio, an Italian restaurant in New York City.

When the attorney’s party, which included his mother, wife and four children, did not move quickly enough at the establishment’s coat check room, Cooke reportedly grew impatient.

“Hurry up, Jew,” she allegedly said to Haberkorn.

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A short time later, he claimed she hit him in the head with what was described by the New York Daily News as an expensive glass purse.

Linda Thomas, Haberkorn’s wife, reportedly asked Cooke to repeat herself following the first remark.

“Hurry up, Jew,” she allegedly said again. “I got places to be.”

Thomas said she became involved at that point.

“We all got places to be,” she reportedly responded before expressing her offense over the antisemitic outburst.

“You’re small-minded,” Thomas reportedly said.

Cooke’s boyfriend allegedly joined in the antisemitic tirade after Haberkorn confronted them.

“Happy bat mitzvah, girls,” he reportedly said to the lawyer’s children.

The verbal altercation turned physical, Haberkorn said, when both parties moved their disagreement outside of the restaurant. One of his daughters reportedly captured video of the tense interaction.

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Viewer discretion advised: Video contains graphic language.

[jwplayer xWver9HB]

“She just f—ing hit me,” Haberkorn said after Cooke allegedly struck him with the purse and left a gash in the side of his head.

Both he and the heiress then began exchanging blame for the dramatic escalation.

Cooke claimed Haberkorn called her a “f—ing b—h” and a “c—.”

He responded that she called him a “f—ing Jew.”

The woman’s boyfriend chimed in with his own allegation that Haberkorn threw “a woman on the floor,” which the attorney claimed did not happen.

“I didn’t f—ing touch her,” Haberkorn said.

Cooke was taken into police custody Wednesday evening, three days after the alleged attack, on suspicion of assault.

As the Daily News reported, she has since denied any involvement in the incident, telling reporters that was at home the entire night.

“There’s nothing that happened on New Year’s Eve,” she said. “I was here in my apartment.”

Nearly a decade ago, Cooke was arrested in Boston for allegedly driving under the influence before attempting to intimidate the officers who stopped her.

She reportedly asked the officers if they knew who her father was before threatening retaliation, claiming that “$1 billion goes a long way” and vowing to see them stripped of their badges.

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