DC Mayor Slams Trump's 4th Celebration, but Makes Damning Admission at End of Interview


Despite the fact President Donald Trump’s Fourth of July parade is worrying leftist politicians, they don’t sound as if they’re planning to do much about it.

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser spoke on Tuesday with NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly about the “Salute to America” July Fourth event and claimed she’s scared that Trump is acting too dictator-like by putting our American military hardware on public display.

“I also have some concerns about a president not celebrating the military but glorifying military might,” Bowser said, according to NPR. “That scares me the most.”

When Bowser was asked if she was referring to places such as North Korea, which celebrates its military with hundreds of tanks and thousands of soldiers, the D.C. mayor said there are “a lot of examples of military parades that I don’t think are reflective of American values.”

She said that she is afraid the patriotic American holiday — one that should transcend politics — might become too political, referring to the speech Trump is set to deliver at the Lincoln Memorial on Thursday.

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“We have very few occasions where people can just, like, celebrate our country without it turning into a partisan food fight,” Bowser said. Ironically, she’s making it political.

Despite her position of authority and presumed level of input for an event that will take place in her city, Bowser hasn’t voiced her concerns to the Trump administration — and she doesn’t plan to do so, which she made clear when asked about it.

“And have you conveyed these concerns to the administration?” Kelly asked toward the end of the NPR interview.

“No,” Bowser said.

Do you think President Trump's July Fourth parade is a good idea?

Kelly pressed further and asked Bowser if she planned on talking to the Trump administration before the affair kicks off. Bowser again answered with a resounding “No.”

Her response is another clear example of being an “all bark, no bite” politician. Anti-Trump Democrats can say or do anything to dunk on the Trump administration. If Bowser were genuinely worried about the Fourth of July parade and the display of America’s military might, she should probably take up her concerns with the president himself instead of talking with far-left NPR.

Not only is she complaining just for the sake of doing so, a quick search online showed that it’s not uncommon to see tanks in various parades around the United States.

At a Veterans Day event in Houston, Texas, tanks and military vehicles were spotted preparing for a parade.

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At another celebration in Torrance, California, tanks of all shapes and sizes rolled through the streets during the 2016 US Armed Forces Day Parade.

I wonder if Bowser thinks the leaders of those cities and towns acted like dictators? There was a time — probably before Democrats were stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome — that celebrating our nation’s independence was something all sides could appreciate and take part in without causing a stink about it.

Bowser’s actions made it clear that she’s just another anti-Trump liberal. Instead of focusing on fixing her city’s vast array of problems — such as the homeless population and gang violence — she’d rather spend her time trying to fit in with Capitol Hill’s anti-Trump club. It’s the hip thing to do these days. Liberals have a long history of creating a controversy when there really isn’t one.

Americans love the fine men and women who make up the ranks of the U.S. military, who work tirelessly to provide a blanket of protection that keeps this great nation one of the safest.

Democrats should remember that and be willing to give service members the public salute they deserve.

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