De Niro's Musical Gets Interrupted by Trump Supporter Displaying 'Keep America Great' Flag


In the wake of Robert De Niro’s anti-Trump tirade at the Tony Awards, one Trump ally showed his support for the president with a bold move.

At a Saturday night performance of the Broadway Musical “A Bronx Tale”–a show co-directed by De Niro–an audience member stood up in the front waving a “Trump 2020: Keep America Great!” banner during the curtain call.

As the cast and crew took their final bow, the Trump supporter was swiftly escorted away from the stage for causing a scene.

Although no one was hurt, harmed, or even really bothered by the incident, many audience members, such as Joe Del Vicario, commented on Twitter about the tragedy of politicizing a “beautiful show” with a “unifying message.”

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One of the hair stylists and makeup artists for the show had some choice words in response to this stunt.

On an Instagram account he has since made private, according to New York news site The Gothamist, Brian Strumwasser put up photographs of the Saturday night incident along with this caption:

“Whoever the low life scum bag who thinks it’s ok to post their political views at a Broadway show and disrespect everyone there who paid to watch a show that is ALL ABOUT INCLUSION was thankfully removed from the theater Saturday night.”

Strumwasser’s post continued: “Robert Deniro is one of our directors and has started in the movie and was able to make 6000 people roar and cheer @thetonyawards for saying “;F*** TRUMP” countless more at home watching [sic]. Don’t disrespect the cast and the crew for the amazing thing we do in theater.”

Do you think this man's actions were disruptive?

“If @realdonaldtrump wants to visit @bronxtalemusical maybe he himself will learn what racism is and how we deal with it,” Strumwasser concluded.

Other audience members took to social media as well to document what many considered to be a “disruption” to the show.

While President Trump did not comment on the theater incident, his most recent tweets about De Niro certainly do criticize the aging actor for his political outbursts against the president and the current state of the country.

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This particular Trump supporter was not the first to have disrupted a New York City theater production in recent years.

Last summer in Central Park, during a performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar put on by Shakespeare in the Park, two people jumped up onto the stage in the middle of the show.

Their reasoning? They were protesting the play’s depiction of Caesar as Trump himself, and his subsequently bloody assassination.

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