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Deaf Puppy's Dramatic 31-Hour Rescue After Falling 50 Feet Down Hole


Puppies are one of the most wonderful things in this life. They’re small, helpless, and adorable — all things that humans generally gravitate toward.

It’s a sad situation when they’re turned out on their own or abandoned, but fortunately there are usually good people willing to step up and assist pups in need.

Karen Smith is one of those generous people who has brought unwanted creatures into her life.

She became foster mom to three pups, all Australian shepherd/Catahoula leopard dog mixes. As is the case with Australian shepherds that have mostly white faces, one of the pups was deaf.

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Deaf dogs lead incredibly fulfilling lives just like any other dog as long as their deafness is noted early on and their handlers can work on sign language with them.

But little Toffee, the deaf puppy, almost didn’t get that opportunity when she wandered into a crevice earlier this week.

On Thursday night she was out in the backyard in Huntsville, Alabama, when she fell into a 50-foot-deep hole. Rescuers of all sorts came out, including the fire department and local animal groups.

But as the night wore on, little Toffee was still at the bottom of the hole. People lowered bags with food in them to try to lure the puppy to safety.

They tried nets. They used ropes. They let down all sorts of contraptions, but to no avail.

It didn’t help that Toffee was deaf and they couldn’t call her or reassure her. The poor puppy sat in the dark for hours.

Finally, at midnight on Saturday, the crew managed to secure the puppy and haul her up. They were all ecstatic, but none more so than Smith.

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“Y’all this is a miracle,” she said. She hugged the puppy close, clearly overwhelmed by the proceedings of the past day and a half.

Hopefully that crevice will be permanently shut off and no more curious critters will suffer the same fate little Toffee almost did!

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