Declassified Biden Admin Report Listed 'Extremist' Pro-Life Groups as National Security Threat


One of the left’s favorite political tactics is the false moral equivalency: treating the mistakes of one group the same as the mistaken aims of another — or the evil done by one group the same as the evil aims of another.

The Biden administration happens to be full of leftists, and a declassified report from the director of national intelligence shows the false moral equivalency in action.

In the report, made public in March, the office of the DNI provides its assessment of the most concerning domestic threats to national security.

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What’s shocking about this report is that, apparently, key players in our national security establishment believe “abortion-related violent extremists” pose the same threat to America’s safety as Black Lives Matter and antifa — neither of which is mentioned in the report by name.

We like to pretend that federal bureaucrats are impartial employees of the people who serve a higher authority than the politicians who appointed them.

But this is not true.

In the Senate last week, Republican Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana asked Attorney General Merrick Garland why pro-life advocates were being treated the same as groups that spent much of the previous year wrecking the United States.

Do you believe pro-life groups pose a national security threat?

“To me this seemed like kind of a wild attack on the pro-life community,” Braun said, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “It did not list groups like BLM and antifa, who have had a clear recent record of violent acts.”

“So can you explain what that was about?” Braun asked. “Why there would have been focus on that, and has there been a rash of incidents related to it?”

Garland said he didn’t know where pro-life groups fit into the “threat matrix” but suggested that they were not “listed at the high end of threat.”

He said the left-wing “anarchists” mentioned by Braun would fit into the report’s anti-government or anti-authority category — right alongside “[domestic violence extremists] with ideological agendas in support of pro-life or pro-choice beliefs.”

When was the last time pro-life advocates perpetrated an act of violence on par with torching businesses and attacking police officers?

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If this has happened, why haven’t we heard about it? Does anyone believe the establishment media would neglect to report on a pro-life group targeting an abortion clinic, for example?

We haven’t heard about it because it has not happened recently.

What has happened recently, however, is a widespread assault by leftist mobs against their own countrymen.

This very real threat to national security has no business being mentioned in the same breath as the virtually non-existent violent extreme of the pro-life community.

The fact is that both pro-life extremists and far-left extremists are evil because they employ violence for political ends in a civilized society.

They should be targeted by law enforcement and prosecuted.

But one of these is clearly not like the other. It wasn’t the pro-life community that occupied the so-called CHOP zone in Seattle or laid siege to a federal courthouse in Portland.

And yet the Biden administration would have us believe the greatest domestic threat facing this country comes from the right.

If you buy that, you’ll love what Rep. Ilhan Omar has to say about the moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas and between the U.S. and the Taliban.

These are the people we put in power.

They are determined to equate Americans who believe in the inherent value of life in the womb with those who want to overthrow our system of law and order.

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