DeSantis Allocates $8 Million in His 'Freedom First Budget' to Send Illegal Aliens to 'Delaware, Martha's Vineyard'


There are Republicans who bellyache incessantly about the problems caused by their Democratic antagonists in pursuit of utopia; and then there are Republicans who actually come with a prescription designed to soothe heartburn for their constituents and induce it for the troublemakers.

Last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis showed again why he is of the latter group.

In the midst of our current authoritarian phase of Democratic Party power, the golden rule of politics should be that those who make policy should personally experience its consequences – and DeSantis is bent on making this the reality for the Biden administration and its irresponsible, illegal immigration-supporting allies.

As the administration’s refusal to halt illegal border crossings continues to plague southern states and their frightened, angry residents, DeSantis has allocated $8 million in his proposed “Freedom First Budget” for next year to contract with private companies to transport illegal aliens out of Florida to leftist strongholds.

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“If you sent [them] to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard, that border would be secure the next day,” DeSantis trolled.

The DeSantis budget summary states:

“The Freedom First Budget includes $8 million to implement a program to assist the state’s efforts to protect against harms resulting from illegal immigration, and may include the transport of unauthorized aliens located within the state to other states within the United States of America, or the District of Columbia.”

Is this a policy Republican governors should try to implement across the country?

It is in the elitist dystopias like Martha’s Vineyard that the problems of illegal migration are not felt by people to whom such a phenomenon is merely an abstraction to be toyed with by educated minds aimed at things other than productivity for the good of the count: How could these people best be used to accomplish some new iteration of the Marxist vision?

As Miranda Devine wrote at the New York Post this week, describing the Biden administration’s practice of flying illegal aliens into states far from the southern border: “Today’s illegal migrant is tomorrow’s Democratic voter, goes the calculus, and pesky formalities like citizenship just delay the glorious process.”

In places like New York City, noncitizens have been given the franchise by their progressive social experimenters atop the pillars of municipal government.

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But in places governed by those with a clear vision for a sane and prospering nation – namely Florida – votes will have to be earned the wholesome way, just like American citizenship for migrants.

DeSantis’ proposal is in its early stages and still awaits action from the Florida legislature, which does not convene until January.

As the Miami Herald notes:

“Few details have emerged on exactly how the proposed immigration program would work or how the state would plan to track undocumented immigrants and transport them out of the state. The Florida Legislature would need to approve the funding and the details before such a program can be in operation.”

And as much as DeSantis’ mention of “Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard” grabs headlines — and liberals’ attention — how the DeSantis deportation program would actually work has yet to be determined. And it already has plenty of critics.

“As much as [the governor] would like to bus people out to Martha’s Vineyard – that would be a violation of current standing law, because immigration is not within the purview of the states,” Renata Castro, an immigration attorney & founder of Castro Legal Group, told WPEC-TV. “He doesn’t get to say who comes and who stays in the state of Florida.”

It’s no surprise that DeSantis’ work – which is half finger-flipping to the Biden administration and half testing the prospect of new precedent for GOP governors – is not without tired attacks from purported protectors of the perpetually victimized.

“This is basically $8 million for his political campaign,” Orlando Rep. Anna Eskamani complained, according to Herald. “There are some serious human rights concerns. Are you going to put someone in a car and drive them to Delaware?”

How does she think they got through the border?

If they weren’t stuffed into the different orifices of various types of vehicle then they arrived on foot after having traveled hundreds of miles through the elements with little food or water.

And why are illegal aliens being welcomed by the left? Because progressive Democrats calculated that it might be politically advantageous to lure migrants across the border with nebulous messaging, unclear policy and the abdication of responsibility for the problems caused to the involved parties.

For Democrats like Eskamani and the slavish mainstream media outlets that support them, the questionable policy is supposedly not that the Biden administration has been clandestinely moving illegal aliens to and fro and dumping them in states under the cover of darkness.

The bad policy — for progressives — is a governor aiming to deport illegal aliens from his state and sending them to the people in places that vote for this sort of thing and wear it proudly on their sleeve as a token of virtue.

But for DeSantis and conservatives like him, there’s a solid reality at work:

“You’re having 200,000 people illegally enter every month,” said Friday during an appearance in Jacksonville, according to WJAX-TV. “That’s a medium-sized American city every month coming in illegally.”

Many are unvaccinated, which is supposed to be such a serious problem for American citizens, according to progressives, that it warrants the theft of freedoms many take for granted.

But for Democrats, bent on remaking the American electorate via immigration of those they believe will support the Democratic-socialist vision for the country, coronavirus vaccination is less important than political opportunism.

But DeSantis has made clear repeatedly that he rejects the encroachments on freedom that have come to define the authoritarian nature of Democratic Party rule, just as he is showing a willingness to take on the Biden administration when it comes to illegal immigration.

The reality for the country is, any move to undermine the Biden administration’s border policy is a win, not just for certain states but the nation writ large and its brilliant philosophy – and for those immigrants who came to America pining for that golden promise and not for the leftist utopia.

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