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Deer Interrupts Couple's Wedding Photos To Snack on Bride's Bouquet in Hilarious Photobomb


Weddings are almost always a blend of planning and surprises. Brides can plan the day down to the last detail but sometimes surprises big or small just can’t be avoided.

For Morgan and Luke Mackley of Michigan, it was their wedding day photoshoot that proved to be a bit of a shock — but they just rolled with the punches – and the munches.

As the couple leaned against a rustic fence out in a tree-lined field, an uninvited guest traipsed over and inspected the bride’s bouquet closely. Too closely.


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“Deer: 1, Bouquet: 0,” the couple’s photographer, Laurenda Bennett, later posted on Facebook. “When the field you want to take bride & groom portraits in has an overtly friendly deer…you roll with it until the deer decides the bouquet is lookin’ like a good snack.”

“I just started snapping away,” Bennett told Inside Edition. “We were just laughing.”

One bite, two bites … Bennett captured the interactions until the couple tried to move away and save the bouquet — but to no avail. When the couple tried raising the flowers out of the “wild” animal’s grasp, the critter jumped to reach them.

The flowers, a far cry from their former glory, were relegated to fodder.

“We ended up just dropping the bouquet and letting the deer have it,” the photographer said. “The deer was just munching away.”

The deer’s presence may have been unexpected, but the young buck is a familiar sight in the area.

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“It’s kind of this infamous deer in Saugatuck,” Bennett said. “It’s always by itself.”

According to Inside Edition, the buck has wandered into other photoshoots and even large groups of people without showing any concern. He seems totally at home with people, leading many to think that he must have been raised by a human.

The friendly deer has become so popular, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources released a statement asking people to stop approaching and/or feeding the animal, or he might have to be relocated, according to WOOD-TV.

Despite the warnings, the deer has garnered quite a following, and many hope that he’ll make it through the next couple of months, especially because — as Bennett pointed out — hunting season begins soon, and this deer would “probably just walk right up to the hunter.”

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