Dejected Anderson Cooper Airs Grievances About Trump Town Hall: 'It Is Happening Again'


CNN host Anderson Cooper appeared dejected Thursday night during his monologue when he addressed the left-wing backlash against his network’s decision to host a town hall with former President Donald Trump a day earlier.

But the host also pointed out a hard truth to members of his audience when he told them during what was essentially an anti-Trump screed that they are not better off hiding in their echo chambers.

Trump’s New Hampshire event saw CNN and moderator Kaitlan Collins skewered by their fellow liberals.

Not only was the former president allowed access to the network’s audience, but he was able to speak freely despite Collins’ frequent attempts to ambush him.

CNN finally won a ratings battle against its competitors in the time slot, but in doing so it angered the pro-suppression left.

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Cooper spoke about the town hall in a long-winded statement that he used to trash the former president while simultaneously making a solid point: Ignoring Trump won’t make him disappear.

“Before we begin with tonight’s broadcast, I want to say something about what we witnessed at last night’s town hall,” he said at the beginning of “Anderson Cooper 360.” “Many of you have expressed deep anger and disappointment.

“Many of you are upset that someone who attempted to destroy our democracy was invited to sit on a stage in front of a crowd of Republican voters to answer questions and predictably continued to spew lie after lie after lie,” he added. And I get it, it was disturbing.”

“Now, many of you think CNN shouldn’t have given him any platform to speak,” Cooper said. “And I understand the anger about that, giving him the audience, the time — I get that.”

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He then hit his liberal audience with a reality check.

“But this is what I also get: The man you were so disturbed to see and hear from last night? That man is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president,” the CNN host said.

Cooper noted the people who laughed and cheered during the town hall represent a “sampling of about half the country.”

“They are your family members, your neighbors, and they are voting,” he said. “And many said they’re voting for him.”

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Cooper’s conclusion was a blend of fear-peddling and a reminder to CNN viewers that not everyone thinks as they do.

He warned his audience about the possibility that Trump might be their president again.

“So, if last night showed anything, it showed it can happen again. It is happening again. He hasn’t changed and he is running hard,” Cooper said.

“You have every right to be outraged today and angry and never watch this network again,” he concluded. “But do you think staying in your silo and only listening to people you agree with is going to make that person go away?

“If we all only listen to those we agree with, it may actually do the opposite.”

CNN and Cooper are responsible for the anger they are facing from their side of the aisle.

The network demonized Trump and conservatives for years as its most prominent faces told their shrinking audience they were in danger.

Times are tough over there and so CNN scheduled an event with the former president — a mainstream political candidate with mainstream views and millions of supporters.

It should have been no big deal.

But the left has been conditioned by the establishment media — including CNN — to see anyone who challenges its worldview as inferior and threatening:

It was apparent as of Thursday that CNN was feeling the consequences of its policy of dehumanizing half the country.

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