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Delivery Man Calls Homeowner a 'Life Saver' After Finding Toilet Paper and Sanitizer Left on Porch


These days, shopping lists are almost a joke — more of a wish than a plan. If you’re brave enough to get to a store, you might have to wait in line before entering, only to find that most — if not all — the items on your list are unavailable.

If you decide to utilize the handy curbside option, your list is at the mercy of strangers and whatever they deem acceptable substitutions for the out-of-stock items you’ve requested.

But both of those methods require you to put time into shopping or making a list and picking up — something that some people just don’t have time for at the moment.

Along with grocery store employees, delivery workers are putting in more hours than ever as people shop from the comfort — and now safety — of their homes amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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One Kentucky man saw this conundrum and decided to take action. According to PopSugar, he’d acquired a stash of hand sanitizer and toilet paper before the virus spooked everyone, and now he’s turning around to offer it to some of the people who most need it.

Evan Rosenman is the man behind the kind gesture. Popular online as “Evan Era” for his magic tricks and teaching people how to perform them, he shared a new video that featured not a trick but a treat.

“Take care of the people who are taking care of you,” Rosenman captioned the video. “Share this to help spread some positivity… and stay safe my friends!”

The clip opened to a shot of a handwritten sign posted on his front porch:

“Delivery Drivers: Take it if you need it! Thank you for your hard work!”

Below the sign was an arrow that pointed to a bucket full of regular-sized hand sanitizer and 12-packs of good toilet paper. The video captured a delivery man pause after dropping off an item.

Perhaps out of doubt, the delivery man knocked on the door to ask about the items left on the porch for “Delivery Drivers.”

“Can we take one of these?” he asked the man who answered the door. When Rosenman answered in the affirmative, the delivery driver’s sense of relief and gratitude was palpable.

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“Aw man, you’re a lifesaver. Thank you. Can I take one of these too?” he asked, motioning to the hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer and toilet paper rolls in hand, the grateful driver thanked Rosenman several times, to which the magician answers in kind.

“Thank you for working hard, man,” he said. “I appreciate it. Have a good one.”

While the nationwide human avalanche that descended upon these products in the preceding weeks was not a very pretty picture of humanity, Rosenman has highlighted a much more gracious attitude and a willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of others.

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