Dem Operative Carville Preemptively Accuses GOP of Stealing 2020 Election


Republicans are bad people with the worst motives.

Well, according to Democratic political consultant James Carville, anyway. On Monday, Carville wrote an Op-Ed for NBC News that discussed old elections conspiracies and myths.

He claimed the Supreme Court stole Florida’s electoral votes from Democratic candidate Al Gore in 2000 to give George W. Bush the presidency — despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Carville also asserted that only Russian interference prevented Democrat Hillary Clinton from defeating Donald Trump in 2016.

We’ve heard it all before. Ad nauseam. So, what’s new this time?

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Well, Carville has added a new diabolical plan to the GOP’s 2020 election strategy: COVID-19.

According to Carville, the only possible way President Donald Trump can win re-election is to suppress voter turnout.

“It’s plain as day: Republicans can only win by chilling the right to vote. If all elections were fair, there wouldn’t have been a Republican president since before Bill Clinton,” he wrote.

Carville’s ludicrous claims fall flat, especially when viewed in the prism of Electoral College consistency.

Maybe, just maybe, voters outside of Massachusetts, New York and California subscribe to a more conservative ideology.

And what if a handful of these other states remain competitive across multiple presidential elections?

Sabato’s Crystal Ball illustrates that the swing states in the 2016 election remain competitive today.

Quite simply, these ratings speak to Trump’s appeal among Rust Belt voters.

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The consistency between the 2016 results and the 2020 projections highlights demographics.

Political science fosters this “electoral consistency” — not Russian interference or voter suppression.

Ohio and Florida continue to lean more Republican than the national popular vote. Likewise, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania remain toss-ups.

Just as Virginia has shifted from red to blue, Ohio and Iowa have moved Republican. Acknowledging this rightward move, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang expressed his concern:

Carville’s Op-Ed itself demonstrates the risk that comes with taking stock in springtime presidential election polls.

He included a Real Clear Politics link for North Carolina polls, listing the state among those that show a Trump deficit.

However, the website linked in Monday’s Op-Ed has added a Civitas Poll showing the president up by 7 percentage points.

In just a few days, RCP updated its North Carolina polling aggregate, nudging the president back into the red at plus 1.3 percent.

When it comes to Florida, Carville presents a disingenuous take when he mentions the state only in reference to the 2000 election.

In 2004, 52 percent of voters cast a ballot to re-elect George W. Bush, a percentage that has exceeded every subsequent general election candidate.

To Carville, the way to stop the GOP’s vote-suppression schemes is to institute something most Republicans view as a danger to democracy — universal mail-in voting.

“Democrats now have power in their hands to fight back,” he wrote. “Democrats: Do not duck your tails and run scared of Republicans’ PR machine. Rather, make expansive voting rights measures a requirement of the next stimulus bill. …

Do you think states should institute universal mail-in voting?

“Coronavirus distancing protocols are likely to extend far longer than imagined — which makes measures like universal vote-by-mail critical.”

BlazeTV’s Steven Crowder devoted a segment to Trump’s opposition to mail-in-ballot plans.

“This is ultimately a Trojan horse to try and create new laws where you require no identification to vote,” Crowder said.

We’re now witnessing a decline in the number of new coronavirus cases. We’re also shedding new light on COVID-19’s origin in Wuhan, China.

And, if Trump wins re-election in November, the Democrats will recycle excuses.

Supreme Court.


Voter suppression.

Or perhaps they’ll just introduce a new one altogether.

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Chris Bustin has contributed to the Orlando Sentinel opinion section, The Times of Israel blogs and RedState diaries. He earned his B.A. in Professional and Technical Communication from the University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee.
Chris Bustin has contributed to the Orlando Sentinel opinion section, The Times of Israel blogs and RedState diaries. He earned his B.A. in Professional and Technical Communication from the University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee.