Dem Tulsi Gabbard Is Seeing the Light, Nails Biden for Appearing to Impose Martial Law


Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard might be the only candidate who stood on stage during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary debates and dared to speak the truth. She continued doing so during an appearance Saturday night on Fox News’ “Watters’ World.”

Gabbard and host Jesse Watters discussed the over-the-top presence of 25,000 National Guard troops in Washington ahead of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the announcement that many of those troops would remain in the city through March and the message this sends to American citizens and to the world.

Obviously, a small number of troops was essential to provide security for the inauguration, especially in the aftermath of the Capitol riot just two weeks before. But, as former Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli pointed out last week, 25,000 troops amounts to a division. And nothing says “martial law” more than the deployment of a division of troops to our nation’s capital.

This was unmistakably a calculated political decision intended to accomplish a political goal.

Gabbard told Watters: “The militarization of our nation’s capital was not only unnecessary … but to send that message both to the American people and to the world that somehow our nation’s capital is under attack and threat of a siege of taking over, I just don’t think that’s the message that we want to send to the American people and to the world.”

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Are you concerned about the troop presence in D.C.?

She added, “I read something as well that I think everyone would find disturbing in that not only were 25,000 deployed on Inauguration Day, militarizing our nation’s capital, but even as about half of that number are heading home, the officials in Washington are saying that they plan to keep an enduring presence of thousands of National Guard troops in our nation’s capital.

“I haven’t seen the justification of that, but again, it just reinforces my concern about, what is the kind of, what is the message that they’re sending to the American people? What is it that they are trying to accomplish now by creating an enduring presence?

“That sounds a lot like a lot of the stuff that we’ve seen happen overseas.”

The former congresswoman shared a clip of the interview on Twitter and asked Biden whether he has declared martial law. “Because that is what it’s starting to look and feel like,” she said.

Gabbard, a U.S. Army Reservist who served two tours of duty in the Middle East, also expressed concern about the despicable conditions the troops were forced to endure. The airwaves late last week were filled with images of soldiers sleeping in a freezing Senate parking garage, with few bathrooms and very little food.

She condemned the politicians who would stop by for a photo op and then immediately forget about the troops’ plight.

Gabbard said it made her angry to see the troops “really being discarded as though they don’t even matter.”

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Watters noted that “even the Department of Defense said there was no intelligence indicating any imminent attack” on Inauguration Day.

It makes one wonder why there had been such an inadequate troop presence on Jan. 6, when there had been FBI warnings of a planned attack. But I digress.

In an exchange Friday with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on “Fox Primetime,” Gabbard reacted to the Democrats’ latest efforts to paint the 74 million Americans who voted for former President Donald Trump as domestic terrorists.

She shared that clip on Twitter and, addressing Biden, said, “Your leadership is needed now to denounce those like [former CIA Director] John Brennan & Rep [Adam] Schiff who are advocating for targeting half the country as potential domestic terrorists.

“Truly unite the American people around our Constitution & the rights that are endowed to us by our Creator.”

Gabbard repeated the message Tuesday.

As the U.S. government careens toward totalitarianism, it’s refreshing to come across a Democrat who’s willing to speak out against it.

Although Gabbard no longer serves in Congress, having decided not to run for re-election as she pursued the Democratic presidential nomination, she has remained a strong voice in the political world. I don’t know what her plans are, but she is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.

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