Democrat Senator Says He Hates Eating Out, But His Restaurant Bills Are Damning


In contrast to the elitist tendencies of many within his own party, Montana’s Democratic Sen. Jon Tester likes to present himself as a man of the people, but some recent revelations about his spending habits are calling this into question.

As part of this image, Sen. Tester claims to prefer home-cooked meals and Montana beef to the more vibrant restaurant scene in Washington, D.C. But his bills tell a rather different story.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Tester’s leadership and campaign PAC has spent at least $1.2 million on eating out at restaurants and catered affairs since 2006.

$270,000 of that exorbitant figure had been spent since 2019.

Also worth noting, the restaurants included in his bills are some of DC’s most expensive, such as Morton’s Steakhouse, Del Fresco’s, and Bistro Cacao. These are all high-end, luxury restaurants that are a far cry from the humble, home-cooked meals that Tester claims to love.

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The Beacon also reports that this could pose a major problem for him going into the 2024 election, as he has been able to hold on to his seat in deep-red Montana by playing up this image of being a man of the people who is not afraid of hard work.

Now, that entire image is being called into question, causing massive headaches for both himself and Democrats.

Montana, as mentioned earlier, is a deep red state that voted for Donald Trump twice. And since the 2020 election, it has gotten even more conservative, leaving Tester precariously alone in some choppy, red waters.

If the Republicans are able to oust Tester, they can gain a valuable seat in the Senate and threaten the Democrats’ majority in the upper chamber.

Do you think a Republican can beat Tester in 2024?

Of course, Tester’s apparent ruse also speaks to a more general problem that the Democrats are running into, which is that they just cannot seem to relate to the ordinary men and women of America.

For a long time, the Democratic Party was the party of blue-collar, working-class Americans, which promised to stand up for them and their interests against the million-dollar corporations and the elites.

Over time, it became readily apparent that the Democrats were doing anything but that.

Donald Trump, in particular, ripped that mask off and revealed that the Democrats were really just elitists themselves who were unable to connect with ordinary voters outside of the coastal hubs.

All you need to do is to take a look at the difference in reaction to Trump’s visit to East Palestine, Ohio, compared to the reaction received by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg when he visited.

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Trump was welcomed with open arms to the town and was really able to make a connection with the people of rural Ohio.

Buttigieg, on the other hand, only came out of necessity and showed himself, again and again, to be completely out of touch with the residents there.

Tester, to his minimal credit, is the rare Democrat who has even bothered to pretend to be a representative for those hard-working blue-collar workers that Democrats used to represent.

But now, these revealed bills completely shatter that image, and it only further solidifies the public image of the Democratic party as the party of the coastal elites.

If the Democrats want to be able to hold on to vulnerable seats in states like Montana, then they need to come off their high horse and make a genuine attempt to connect with the American people.

Otherwise, the working class is going to continue to drift further from the Democrats.

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