What Happens When Democrats Rule: Water Turned Off in All Detroit Schools


Children not having clean water is something you normally associate with third-world countries. The United States of America is expected to lead the world, but now access to even basic needs are in peril in yet another Democrat-run city.

It’s been years since Flint, Michigan’s water crisis first made national headlines, but now another once-proud city is in a similar situation.

Detroit, once the booming first-world “Motor City,” just had its drinking water to public schools shut over fears of contamination.

Not just one specific school … every single one of the city’s 110 public schools now has no drinking water.

That decision was made after high levels of lead and copper were found in dozens of city-run educational buildings, according to Independent Journal Review.

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Detroit Public Schools Community District Superintendent Nikolai Vitti stated that the entire water system would be shut down “until a deeper and broader analysis can be conducted to determine the long-term solutions for all schools.”

“We have no reason to believe that any children have been harmed,” Chrystal Wilson, a district spokesperson, reassured the public. Switching to bottled water instead of city water didn’t exactly inspire confidence, however.

“Medical research has linked lead to a stunting of children’s neural development. Exposure to copper can cause gastrointestinal distress, anemia and disrupt liver and kidney functions, according to public health officials,” explained IJR.

Some 50,000 students are thought to have been affected by the water shutoff, which occurred the same week that classes resumed in the area after the summer break.

Do you believe Democrats must own up to the problems in Detroit?

The left has repeatedly tried to blame municipal water problems like the one that infamously crippled Flint on Republicans, but there’s no getting around the inconvenient facts: Both Flint and Detroit’s decline are closely linked to Democrat takeovers in both cities.

Every single one of Detroit’s city council members is liberal. The position is ostensibly non-partisan, but an in-depth look at the council reveals that all were Democrat or had strong liberal leanings before assuming the position — which is hardly surprising considering how deeply blue the city has become.

It wasn’t always that way. Once, decades ago, there were Republican mayors of Detroit … around the time that the city’s prosperity was at its peak.

“The last time Detroit had a Republican mayor, Germany was the only country whose imported cars threatened the American auto industry, the moon was not a place where any human beings were expected to set foot any time soon, and African-Americans in the Deep South didn’t eat in the same restaurants as whites,” reported The Toledo Blade.

That year was 1961. Democrats have run Detroit politics — and have had to answer for its crumbling chaos — ever since.

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“It could be argued that 1961 was the election in which Detroit started on the path that led to its economic collapse 52 years later,” The Blade continued.

How does a state surrounded by fresh water on nearly every side fail to provide clean water to school children? You can come to your own conclusions, but the explanation would probably begin with a (D).

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.