Dems Blame Abbott for COVID Surge, Conveniently Ignore Place Cases Are Exploding


Texas is experiencing a surge in COVID cases that Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is being blamed for, despite the fact that the state’s border is essentially open thanks to the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

Abbott is being savaged as the Lone Star State reports a third wave of coronavirus infections and hospitalizations. The situation is reportedly so serious that Abbott has asked for help from out-of-state, according to the Associated Press.

Abbott on Monday ordered the Texas Department of State Health Services to use staffing agencies to find workers from other states as two county-owned Houston hospitals set up tents on their properties. The order came amid a reported shortage of nurses.

Additionally, the governor reportedly sent a letter to the Texas Hospital Association requesting state hospitals voluntarily postpone all elective medical procedures. Abbott is attempting to use the tools at his disposal while Democrats in Texas and elsewhere blame the spike in cases on his ban on mask mandates and his refusal to violate civil liberties.

He certainly has his share of critics:

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But Abbott on Tuesday pointed the finger for his state’s troubles exactly where it belongs: at the Biden administration.

The governor shared a report from Breitbart News which pointed out that 20 percent of migrant children who have crossed the border and been released by Border Patrol agents have tested positive for COVID.

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Do you think the open border is contributing to the surge in cases in Texas?

“Biden failed to secure the border. Now, the crisis he created continues to deteriorate as he knowingly imports COVID into our state. Texas will protect our communities & hold Biden accountable,” Abbott tweeted.

About those Houston hospitals? It seems more likely than not that the facilities’ tents are related to President Joe Biden’s border crisis:

An interactive map of cases surging across Texas from The Texas Tribune shows which places are considered hotspots county by county. In the last two weeks, the largest hotspot in Texas was Dimmit County along the border, with 21.8 COVID cases reported per 1,000 people.

What’s going on in Dimmit County, you might ask? Let’s take a look:

Yeah, there’s a migrant detention facility in the county amid an unprecedented surge in migrants during a pandemic that Democrats would like us all to believe threatens all of our lives.

Texas leadership isn’t responsible for the surge in cases the state is experiencing.

The White House opened the border and is probably laughing at Abbott and Texans as the collective left pretends there is no correlation between COVID-positive illegal immigrants being imported into the state and an uptick in cases elsewhere.

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