Deranged: Sharpton Compares Trump Supporters to People Who Attend Lynchings After Church


The Kavanaugh confirmation circus may be finally — mercifully — behind us, but one pattern has emerged from that saga: The left has doubled-down on deranged rhetoric.

As Judge Brett Kavanaugh faced a slew of unproven allegations that kept increasing in their tabloid trashiness, liberals seemed to revel in divisive rhetoric like pigs in mud.

It wasn’t enough that the accusations be taken seriously and investigated. No, liberals went all in on pushing insulting narratives as far as they could go, with the media gleefully joining in.

USA Today, for example, tripped over itself to push a false narrative of family man Kavanaugh as a pedophile, with no evidence.

Meanwhile, Sen. Mazie Hirono told men to “shut up” because they were the wrong gender while protesters mobbed and harassed conservatives. They even accused Republican Sen. Susan Collins of being a “rape apologist.”

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Just when you thought the vile rhetoric couldn’t get any worse, Al Sharpton showed up on the scene.

During a Friday appearance on NBC’s “Dateline,” the well-known race hustler declared that Trump supporters are people who “go to the lynching after clothing themselves in morality.”

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“I think that we’re dealing with a bully,” Sharpton said, talking about Trump. “Let’s not forget these people would go to church and then go to the lynching after clothing themselves in morality. And that’s what we’re seeing today.”

Is this a new low for incivility and insult-based politics?

Yes, the prominent liberal just compared voting Republican and supporting a judge who appears completely innocent to stringing up black people — the very same people, it’s worth noting, that the Republican Party of Lincoln fought to free.

The depravity of this statement is so bad, it’s hard to even know where to start. Even setting aside how clearly divisive and insulting it is, the most glaring issue is that it’s 180-degrees opposite from reality.

Over in real life, a place Sharpton hasn’t visited in a long time, it was largely his own Democrat party that perpetuated heinous lynchings in pre-civil rights America. The KKK was a racist Democrat group, a fact that liberals are desperate to sweep under the rug.

Take a look at the voting results for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, one of the pivotal laws that helped protect black rights. “More Republicans voted in favor of the Civil Rights Act than Democrats,” admitted CNN in a retrospective about the legislation’s 50th anniversary.

“Virginia’s Democratic Rep. Howard W. Smith was a staunch segregationist and strongly opposed the Civil Rights Act,” CNN continued.

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On the other hand, it was Republicans who risked their political futures to make sure the historical equality legislation got passed.

“Ohio’s Republican Rep. William McCulloch had a conservative track record,” explained CNN. “His district (the same one now represented by House Speaker John Boehner) had a small African-American population. So he had little to gain politically by supporting the Civil Rights Act. Yet he became a critical leader in getting the bill passed.”

But Sharpton has never let facts and reality get in the way of a good smear.

What is perhaps most ironic is that if we really want to use the “lynching” analogy, it was Kavanaugh’s character and reputation which were unfairly assassinated.

The crimes against African Americans that Sharpton is so eager to bring up were great injustices because mobs of people tossed aside the presumption of innocence, and rushed to punish without waiting for evidence or courts. Sound familiar?

Standing up against emotional rash judgements and mob justice is something that black Americans should agree on, considering how often they bring up the problem of minorities being falsely accused — and imprisoned or shot — without due process. Apparently that concern only applies to specific skin colors.

Blindly believing someone — yes, even a woman — even though she has no evidence or corroborating witnesses is exactly how southern lynchings happened in the first place. Somebody please send Sharpton a copy of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” because he has seriously lost the plot.

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.