DeSantis Single-Handedly Turns Tide in Culture War - Execs Terrified They'll Become the 'Next Disney'


When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stripped Disney of its special districting privileges, he wasn’t merely holding the powerful corporation accountable for its far-left partisan antics.

He was also sending a message.

According to a Sunday report from the Wall Street Journal, American CEOs heard that message loud and clear.

In recent years, Disney has fully inserted itself into politics to the point of blacklisting conservatives and condemning various bills that don’t support a left-wing, pro-abortion, LGBTQ-affirming agenda.

When Disney promoted left-wing propaganda, claiming the recently passed “Parental Rights in Education Bill” was actually a bigoted, anti-LGBT “Don’t Say Gay bill,” DeSantis had finally had enough.

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On April 20, DeSantis got the state senate to pass legislation removing the special self-governing privileges afforded to Orlando’s Walt Disney World.

Many corporations, including Nike, AMC, Coca-Cola and Gillette, among many others, have followed in Disney’s footsteps by siding with Democrats in support of various “social justice” issues.

Thanks to DeSantis, however, many CEOs are second-guessing this strategy out of fear of becoming “the next Disney.”

Is DeSantis leading the American conservative movement?

“Disney’s recent experience in Florida has captured the attention of C-suite executives at companies big and small, given the impact on its operations, many say,” the Journal reported.

Various sources, experts and executives told the outlet that many such companies are becoming increasingly uncomfortable when it comes to weighing in on such issues.

DeSantis’s strong stance against Disney is making them second-guess their strategies.

The following cannot be understated: When it comes to the culture war, this is an incredible win for conservatism.

For decades, Democrats have slowly infected and weaponized America’s cultural institutions. The establishment media, the entertainment industry and, in recent years, even what seems to be the majority of major corporations have all fallen in line with the far-left “woke” agenda.

Republicans have largely allowed the left to run roughshod over these industries, offering very little resistance.

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This was a massive miscalculation because, as the late Andrew Breitbart famously put it, “Politics is downstream from culture.”

To put it another way, conservatives can no longer afford to be passive. Despite what many of those on the libertarian end of the spectrum might want you to believe, conservatism is about much more than free markets and low taxes.

Conservatism also stands for justice and accountability.

While the government should be greatly reduced, it does have an active responsibility to ensure justice is found and evil is eradicated.

Outlawing the dismemberment and slaughter of unborn children, for example, should be a core governmental responsibility.

Another prominent example — the government should be keeping children safe from grooming. Core to the current Democratic agenda is “gender-affirming care,” the idea that confused, underage children should be allowed to undergo life-changing transgender surgeries, including even mastectomies.

DeSantis understands this ethic; he understands that conservatives can no longer be passive.

Thanks to that fact, the tables have turned.

Conservatives are finally winning the culture war.

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