Despite Breaking Quarantine with COVID, CNN's Cuomo Has Audacity To Insult People in Park


CNN’s Chris Cuomo used his TV show to attack healthy people for being outdoors during a pandemic and conveniently ignored the fact that he broke his quarantine when he was actually infected with the coronavirus.

The CNN host lambasted people who were photographed enjoying the sunshine at a park, describing those who had apparently decided to enjoy some time away from their homes as “fools” for not remaining locked down at home.

In an argument against reopening the country on his first day back inside CNN’s New York studio Monday, Cuomo attacked President Donald Trump for supporting reopening the economy and painted a bleak picture for the country’s future.

“Even if you don’t have COVID, this situation is making us sick,” the “Cuomo Prime Time” host while warning that the mental and physical health toll of the pandemic should not lead people to assume it is safe for them to go out and live their lives.

“But there’s also feel, fatigue. ‘I’ve had it. Season’s changing. It’s getting warm. Want to get back to it,’” he said.

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Cuomo then showed the image of people sitting in a park.

“Look at these fools. Fools,” he said of the people in the photo.

“I know they want to be out there. Fools. It’s not about you. What about the other people? And look, I’m not going to castigate you. That’s not my job. I’m not your daddy,” he said.

“But, we have to think about this. We are rushing to get back out of want, not just out of need,” he lectured his audience, before warning that “beautiful weather does not make for a beautiful reality.”

The comments are a new low for Cuomo, whose shameless duplicity on the issue of the coronavirus has played out since he first announced he had contracted the illness on March 31.

If you’ll recall, the left-wing host was busted breaking his quarantine on Easter Sunday to check on a property in the Hamptons and was called out for doing so by a man who was actually concerned about public safety.

A man named David Whelan told Fox News he spotted Cuomo on Long Island, while the host was supposed to be isolated at home in New York City, and confronted him about it.

What was Cuomo’s response? He allegedly verbally assailed the man.

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“He continued to come closer and closer, and I like to say he was like a boiling pot, you could see his head,” Whelan told Tucker Carlson.

“He was just getting more and more angry. And I said, ‘So you’re gonna lose your temper like you did on [the guy who first referred to Cuomo as Fredo]?’”

Whelan said a fuming and infected Cuomo approached him and vowed, “’you are going to meet me over this, you will meet me again over this.”

Cuomo later referred to Whelan as a “loser” on his SiriusXM radio show, the New York Post reported.

“I don’t want some jacka–, loser, fat tire biker being able to pull over and get in my space and talk bulls— to me, I don’t want to hear it,” he said.

The CNN host has weaponized his COVID-19 diagnosis to attack Trump on his show and was broadcasting hysterical fear from his home while not following the same set of rules he is now ridiculing people for not abiding by.

Do you think Cuomo's remarks were hypocritical considering his actions?

With Cuomo’s labeling people as “fools” for enjoying the relative safety of sunshine and the outdoors — where there is apparently a lower risk of transmitting the virus — he is essentially saying “rules for thee, but not for me.”

Cuomo’s hypocrisy is on full display.

The wealthy, liberal TV host, who made himself a walking public health liability, is now telling perfectly healthy people to hunker down and let their lives collapse around them.

Cuomo is the least qualified person on the planet to lecture people about staying indoors.

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