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Determined to Make It Down the Aisle, Bride Hitchhikes to the Church After Wedding Car Breaks Down


No matter how diligently you plan every detail, how meticulously you search for the perfect vendors or how closely you stick to your deadlines, wedding days are known for their unexpected hiccups.

For Shenice Beirne from Gloucester, England, it was the vintage bridal car that proved to be the problem.

It was Aug. 7, the day of the wedding. She was in her dress and on her way to marry the love of her life when the car broke down.

She was “already running 20 minutes late and 25 minutes away from the church,” Beirne shared on Facebook.

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When no taxis would help out, the bold bride did what she needed to do: She stood on the side of the road and asked for a ride.

“My sister and I stood in the road in my big white dress waving down cars,” Beirne continued. “We had one guy who stopped in a van who was so lovely but didn’t have space to take us so we continued to wave down cars.

“After around 15 minutes… yes 15 whole minute of cars and cars passing someone who was obviously on the way to their wedding haha, someone finally stopped to see if we were ok and offered us a lift to the church. … They were my guardian angels.”

“I honestly can not THANK them enough for stopping and taking the time out of their afternoon to give us a lift to the church. I am ever so grateful!! You guys are amazing!!”

Beirne shared the heartwarming story in hopes that the lovely couple who came to her rescue would know their efforts were very much appreciated. She hadn’t gotten their names, but it wasn’t long before they saw the post and identified themselves.

According to the Birmingham Mail, Matt and Michelle Moore first drove past the stranded bride before realizing she needed help and circling back around.

“We were only trying to do a nice thing,” Michelle said. “The bride said nobody had stopped for them and I said I wouldn’t like it if nobody had stopped for me.”

“We helped them out of the car and had a group photo. The vicar couldn’t thank us enough.”

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The Moores said they were happy to have been able to help and sent their best wishes to the newlyweds.

“No probs it was a pleasure to help you on your big day!!” Michelle commented on Beirne’s post. “Hope you had a fabulous day and a fantastic life together as husband and wife.

“Thanks for putting such a lovely post on but there was no need. … Now we found a new Facebook friend take care and speak again soon.”

While the car breaking down on the way to the church would’ve been a disaster for anyone else, this bride took it in stride, and now both parties have new friends and a fun story to tell — a true win-win situation.

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