'Dirty Secret': Trump WH Booted Scaramucci over 'Gross' Behavior, Abuse of Staff & Female Official, Says Reporter


Anthony Scaramucci, the notoriously short-fused and short-lived (11 days) White House communications director, has surfaced again, this time re-inventing himself as a Trump antagonist.

The erstwhile Trump fanatic has turned black hat and claims he wants to rally former cabinet officials from President Donald Trump’s administration to speak out about (read “help the media destroy”) the president.

Where before the loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed politico seemed to revel in lowest common denominator, abrasive, even boorish aggression, now “the Mooch” has robed himself in the virtuous vestments of one of who has seen the enemy, realized he is us and decided a sort of guerrilla war against the president will serve as suitable penance.

But before we fully address that, let’s flash back to the Mooch’s unceremonious exit from the White House.

After taking the chief of staff job, John Kelly made delousing the White House of Scaramucci one of his first tasks.

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The angle most often reported was that Kelly canned Scaramucci over a profanity-laced interview in which the communications director attacked another White House official.

According to Steve Nelson at the Washington Examiner, however, the “dirty secret” is that the interview only accelerated Scaramucci’s exit.

Nelson indicates Scaramucci was already on the way out due to “gross” allegations that he had abused fellow staffers, with female staffers taking the worst of it.

Multiple sources, according to Nelson, claim that one of Scaramucci’s worst transgressions was telling a female official that he heard a rumor she was sleeping with a superior.

Are you surprised by the allegations against Scaramucci?

The Mooch reportedly claimed he was simply trying to let the woman know a rumor was circulating.

The accusations do not stop there. According to Nelson’s reporting, other female staffers felt physically intimated and harassed, while male staffers didn’t fare much better.

Now let’s return to the present. Scaramucci’s working to present himself as a sort of paragon of political virtue (there is no such thing, by the way), casting himself as someone who can attest to Trump’s bad behavior and do so as an altruistic guardian of a beleaguered America.

Scaramucci, however, has done nothing since his humiliating White House departure to burnish any sort of moral or ethical bona fides.

He is, in effect, the same overly aggressive poser who created headaches in the White House before.

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The only difference now is the fact that he has an obvious anti-Trump chip on his shoulder.

Anyone who wants to believe that “the Mooch” is back and ready to do the right thing should consider the reported reasons Kelly booted him from Trump’s White House.

Talking heads in the establishment media may hang on Scaramucci’s every word, but it’s unlikely the women he allegedly harassed and intimidated will do likewise.

Scaramucci did not immediately respond to The Western Journal’s request for comment.

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