'It's Disgusting': Donors Targeted by Joaquin Castro Speak Out


Donors whom Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro targeted in a tweet Monday are speaking out about the congressman’s decision to release their names.

Two retired women, both of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, called Castro’s tweet “disgusting” and “pitiful,” according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“I think what he did is sickening. I think it’s disgusting,” one of the retirees told The DCNF.

She noted that as an immigrant, she supports President Donald Trump and doesn’t believe he’s a racist.

“I’m a naturalized citizen, I love the United States of America, I think our president is doing an amazing job,” she said. “He’s not a racist, I’m not a racist, and for them to be totally trying to … brainwash people, I think it’s just garbage.

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“I think it’s just going to backfire on them, really.”

The retiree doesn’t think Castro’s strategy of shaming Trump donors will work. In fact, she expects that the controversy might reduce Democratic turnout in the 2020 presidential election.

“It’s upside down, it’s like they’ve gone off the deep end, because a lot of my Democratic friends are not quite walking away yet, but they are so turned off by what’s going on,” she said.

Do you think Castro should apologize for releasing the list of donors?

“I don’t think they’re going to vote. I don’t think they’ll vote for Trump, but they’re not going to vote for the Democrats.”

The other retired woman, who is 79 years old, told The DCNF that she hopes Castro will apologize for the tweet.

“I think it’s really pitiful,” she said. “It shows what he is or what he believes in and what he does, so it’s really disappointing.”

The second retiree agreed with the first that Castro’s effort might not work as planned.

“I’ve had several phone calls this morning and people who have not donated to Trump, have said they’re going to. This has made them decide. It’s backfiring,” she said.

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The Texas congressman defended his tweet in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Castro told the hosts that “I don’t want anybody harassed or targeted” but was unable to cogently explain his reasoning behind publishing the tweet in the first place.

The comments from the two retired women are not the only backlash the Texas Democrat has faced.

One of the other San Antonians on Castro’s target list had donated to the congressman’s campaign, Fox News reported.

Castro’s political move continues to prove miscalculated. Perhaps the outed donors are right that Democrats will suffer at the ballot box as a result.

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