Disney Shredded by Cartoon That Humiliates CEO as Woke Company Suffers Recent $800M Loss


Disney is losing money at an astonishing rate, and one cartoonist believes he knows the reason why.

On Tuesday, cartoonist Michael Ramirez took to Twitter to post his most recent cartoon, which poked fun at Disney CEO Bob Iger for his woke decision-making as the company suffers financially.

The cartoon shows Iger sitting in his office speaking on the phone, saying “I don’t know why we are losing money.” Right next to him lies his answer — a figurine of Mickey Mouse stands on his desk with a sign that says “Woke.”

In addition, on Iger’s right, there is a satirical poster for the new live-action “Snow White” remake, that pokes fun at the leftist politics being jammed into the film, calling it “Snow Polychrome and the Seven Vertically Challenged but Socially Conscious Climate Change and Gender Advocates.”

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Ramirez really hit the nail on the head with his analysis here. While Disney executives scramble around trying to figure out the cause of their financial problems, the answer is staring them right in the face — people are tired of their woke creations.

Disney is currently in financial freefall. In the last year, the company lost over $800 million, and there is no sign that things are getting any better, as no one seems to have any interest in seeing their films.

Add to that the fact that fewer and fewer people are visiting their theme parks, and you have a full-scale marketing and financial crisis for the once-beloved company.

Are you sick of Disney’s woke creations?

Meanwhile, the company seems to have no intent of having a serious conversation about the reasons behind its loss in revenue.

Instead, it’s full steam ahead for the House of Mouse, with the company continuing to bury itself by churning out the same woke content that got it into this mess in the first place.

In addition, the company continues to pick fights with conservative politicians, such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, only setting even more people against it, and leading to a further loss in revenue.

Disney cannot seem to grasp that people do not want to go see movies with woke content. Parents, especially, do not want their children exposed to propaganda about gender ideology.

Parents also do not want to support a company that is actively fighting against the rights of parents in education, which lies at the heart of the company’s battle with the governor.

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In essence, it is very clear why the company is losing money, it has wedded itself to the extremes of the political left, and in the process, it has alienated millions of its hitherto supporters.

People are more than tired of having woke propaganda shoved down their throats, and they are beginning to show that with their wallets.

Disney does not seem to notice this, however, or maybe it just doesn’t care. Either way, the current path that Disney is headed down will not do it any good in the long run.

If Disney does not change course soon, it deserves whatever is coming to them.

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