Docs Confirm FBI Spy Halper Was Paid $282k From Unidentified Obama 'Defense Agency'


In one of the greatest reversals in recent political history (second only to Trump’s actual 2016 win), efforts by Democrats to frame the president’s supposed shady dealings with Russia have repeatedly blown up in their smug faces.

The latest of these explosions looks less like a grenade going off in the left’s collective face and more like the chained series of explosions Robert Duvall called down on communist Viet Cong guerrillas in that famed “Apocalypse Now” scene.

That might sound overly dramatic, but it’s not. Over the past few days the public has learned that the FBI had at least one spy in the Trump campaign, Stefan Halper. It’s also been revealed that Halper formerly worked for the CIA (and perhaps still does). In addition, Halper allegedly meddled in at least one previous U.S. presidential election and appears to have continued spying at least nine months after the 2016 election.

The latest devastating revelation? The Obama administration paid Halper $282,000 (or $411,000 depending on how the budgeting worked) to work for a mysteriously named “Other Defense Agency” just days after Trump pulled to within a point of Clinton in the polls.

The response from the left and the defunct Obama administration will be predictable. They’ll say it’s a right-wing, fringe conspiracy theory, then they’ll disavow it (unless they’re truly panicking at the prospect of being found out), then they’ll note that Halper was paid to produce an economic study on India and China — the official reason listed for his nearly half-million dollar payout.

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We have to admit the chances aren’t zero that Halper was simply hired by an obscure branch of the intelligence community to calculate the number of llamas per square mile in the greater part of Asia. But that’s doubtful.

For much less than $400,000, I could have produced that study. And I’m not the only one. There are literally thousands of academics who would jump at the chance to produce a study like that for far, far less compensation.

No, something’s very wrong here.

Want to hear a remarkable coincidence? On July 26, 2017, Halper appears to have been paid $129,000 for further work on the Sino-Indian study. Two days later, Halper emailed Carter Page, asking what he or the Trump administration (it’s not clear which) planned to do moving forward on the collusion investigation.

Will the scandal involving spies in the Trump campaign result in criminal charges?

He also told Page that Virginia’s summer was pleasant and that it “would be great to catch up.” Civility in spying really has come a long way.

The real point in all of this is that Obama’s government authorized the hiring of Halper, a CIA spook and election puppeteer, for at least $282,000 to produce a paper on India and China for an unnamed “other” defense agency.

At the same time, it appears Halper was plumbing the depths of Trump campaign, looking for intel he could feed back to the FBI. Over the next few months, Halper would be paid an additional $129,000 to continue his work.

Two days after that last payment is cataloged by government documents, Halper hit up Page for an update on how the administration’s response to the Russia investigation was going… and gave him a weather update.

The DOJ, CIA and FBI have screamed “Trump did it” the same way a guilty child tries to throw suspicion on his brother by screaming “He did it!”

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And those screams will only get louder. Remember Duvall’s fire support in “Apocalypse Now”? My money says we’re not at the end of that massive chain of explosions. I think we’re only in the middle, if that far, and there is a lot more carnage to come before this Deep State frame-up is fully exposed, along with the Democrats behind it.

Don’t you love the smell of napalm in the morning?

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