Doctor Told Parents To Terminate Baby 'Not Compatible with Life.' Now She's Turning 3


Before Helianny was born, doctors told her mom, Soleannys Lugo, that she would not be “compatible with life” due to the deformities that were showing up on ultrasounds.

They suggested that Lugo terminate her pregnancy, saying that if she didn’t her daughter would always live in a vegetative state. But Lugo didn’t feel comfortable with making that call.

“Even though we were told she was a vegetable, I assured them she was not because she kicked me (in the womb). She responded to stimuli, when I talked to her she responded with kicks and she liked instrumental music, she moved a lot with all of this,” the Venezuelan mother said.

Lugo already loved her daughter dearly and couldn’t imagine not even giving her daughter a chance to live.

After she made her decision, the precious baby girl was born at 39 weeks via cesarean section and had many deformities like the doctors said she would: a cleft lip, unformed eyes, and clubbed feet and hands.

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Helianny was also born with hydrocephalus, which is a build-up of fluid in cranial cavities. This build-up of fluid not only causes an abnormally large head, but can also cause tissue damage to the brain.

The doctors were so sure the baby girl would not survive that they gave Lugo’s husband holy water to baptize their child so she could die in peace.

But despite her complications and deformities, Helianny not only survived the birth, but is still alive today. She will turn 3 years old this year!

While some may have looked at her child as ugly or too much work to keep alive, Lugo’s love allows her to see her daughter through a different lens.

“I would compare Helianny’s appearance back then to a ‘supernatural queen’ because she had a crown embedded in her head. The three protrusions on her head looked like a crown,” she recalled. “I perceived her beauty then and still do to this day.”

This “supernatural queen” has definitely defied the odds set against her and has continued to fight for her life. When Lugo first saw Helianny after the C-section, she knew that her daughter was still alive and fighting for a reason.

Lugo said, “I took her hand and told her, ‘If you’re still here it is for something big and rest assured we will be here to support you and accompany you on this long road.'”

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And that’s exactly what she and her husband have done for the past three years. They include her in as many daily activities as they are able, ignoring looks and whispers from strangers.

Now Helianny’s parents are raising money to help cover future surgeries that should help her to walk and talk and help her be more independent. A GoFundMe has been set up to help them raise some of those medical funds.

“I thank God every day of my life, Helianny has life, strength, tenderness, perseverance, optimism and she is an angel. Helianny came to this world on a great mission of life, to show us that we complain about so many insignificant things and forget to be happy,” said Lugo.

“She teaches us not to give up and to fight but without ceasing to be an angel.”

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