Doctors Give 2-Year-Old 30% Chance of Surviving Brain Cancer, Now They're Calling Him a Miracle


What do you do to celebrate an impossible victory? What party, or gathering of people, or exhilarating trip can you take to enjoy the fact that you have beaten insurmountable odds?

For Mason Malone, recognizing his accomplishment involves a huge party with family and a trip to Walt Disney World. These are things most people would enjoy regardless of the situation, but Malone’s is especially impressive.

The boy is not even 3 years old yet, but he’s already experienced rather harrowing diagnoses. When he was just 2 years old, he began acting strange.

“I was getting ready for work,” Fredjane Malone, his mother, told 11 Alive. “He had woke up for a nap, and he was walking around like a noodle.”

The concerned mother said that “He would keep falling,” so she took him to the hospital. There, they got the grave news: cancer.

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Cancer isn’t usually in the minds of parents with young children, but it’s a disease that is no respecter of persons, regardless of age or rank. Doctors told Malone that young Mason had eight tumors in his brain.

He was only given a 30 percent chance of survival, so the family started praying. As Mason went through treatment, he proved that he was a fighter.

“Mason took it like a champ,” Monyalle Swain, Mason’s grandma, said. “He never gave us the feeling that he was giving up. Never.”

But Mason is part of the 30 percent. He beat the odds and completed his last treatment in September. The boy has been declared cancer-free, and the family threw together a party to celebrate.

They wore black shirts with boxing gloves in yellow or gold made in support of Mason who truly is a fighter.

“Look at him now,” his mom said. “He’s here. He’s cancer free. No Tumors. You’ve just got to believe.”

Grandma made it very clear who’s to thank for this miraculous recovery.

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“Jesus did this, and he did this for all of us,” she said. “Mason is a miracle. He’s a miracle.”

The family was once faced with crippling odds and the fact that Mason might not be around much longer, but they believed that he would make it. Now they have plans for a birthday celebration and they’re going to Walt Disney World for Christmas. Life is a precious gift, and this family is making the most of it.

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