Dog Chained for 10 Years Found Lying in Frozen Mud, Owners Offered to Put Her Down for $50


There’s a special kind of hatred I have for people who willingly neglect and abuse animals. Especially their own pets — these creatures depend on their humans for food, care, and company, and abusing them is so vile it hurts.

One dog, renamed Judith, was subjected to this kind of treatment for 10 years. She was chained in a yard with no companionship, no toys, “not even a bone,” and oftentimes no food or water.

Neighbors would report the situation to the local BCSPCA, but all they offered was for Judith’s neglectful owners to pay a mere $50 if they turned her over to be put down.

But finally, someone stumbled upon Animal Advocates and contacted them.

A representative immediately went to her location and took her in. According to the video they made of the rescue, they arrived just one day before the owners took her in for the $50 deal.

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She was lying in frozen mud while rain and sleet pelted her. Her hips were almost unusable from pain and she was starved and lonely.

Once they got her to their shelter, they shaved off all the matted fur and discovered just how malnourished she really was.

She was incredibly skinny, and someone was even able to fit both their hands around her waist and touch their fingers.

With the back half of her body shaved, they gave her a bath and while she didn’t particularly enjoy that part — she’d probably never had one before — she was a big fan of all the petting.

For a dog that’d had so little affection given to her, she had plenty to dish out.

Once all that heavy mud was off her tail, she was actually able to wag it to show just how much she appreciated her rescuers. And when she was ready for adoption, she found a forever home almost instantly.

Mike and Alyssa (spelling unknown) “took one look at her, put their arms around her, and said, ‘We’re taking you home.'” Eventually, her hips gave out and she had difficulty getting around at all.

But Animal Advocates saved the day again, and found her a little buggy to support her back legs while her front ones toted her around with her humans.

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She got to go camping, chase squirrels, and even go to a dog-friendly beach.

She made friends and played with other dogs at that beach — she didn’t need her cart on the soft sand, and was able to experience the life she deserved.

But her age would eventually claim her, as it does all living things. After 10 years chained up, alone, cold, and hungry, she had 18 wonderful months with her humans that made the past years melt away.

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