Dog Depressed after Family Cat Dies. Only 1 Thing Could Cure Him


Best friends sometimes come in the most unlikely packages. I’m sure most of us have that one person in our lives we share little things in common with, and yet, we’re still very close to them.

Despite all the differences, we just can’t seem to get enough of them. They’re truly meant to be in our life for a reason.

This was certainly the friendship between Forsberg the golden retriever and his buddy Ginger, an orange tabby cat. The pair first met eight years ago when Forsberg’s parents brought the feline home.

As most would guess, the two kept their distance from one another at first. Dogs and cats usually don’t get along, and at first, this was the case for Forsberg and Ginger.

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Then one day, all of that changed. The two became attached at the hip.

They would eat meals together and cuddle with each other during naptime. Ginger was truly Forsberg’s best friend, and the two were inseparable: permanent installations in each other’s lives.

But all good things must come to an end, and Ginger began to grow ill. The family soon found out she had thyroid cancer, and it wasn’t long before they lost her to the disease.

This tore Forsberg’s world to pieces. In a depression, he no longer ate like he used to and started moping around the house.

Ginger had been no spring chicken at age 15, and Forsberg himself was up in years at age 10. The seniors had grown used to each other’s company, and the dog was not adjusting well.

It is said that time heals all wounds, but as time passed, the sad pup didn’t pull out of his lethargy. His owners were concerned that he was declining, and they were powerless to help him.

Fortunately, his parents thought of something that might just cure his broken heart. After seeing another video about a grieving golden retriever getting a new friend, they decided to give it a go.

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A furry black cat named Maxwell soon became a new addition to the family. It wasn’t Ginger, but the family still hoped the little black kitten would be able to fill the void in Forsberg’s heart.

It worked like a charm. Maxwell fell in love with Forsberg instantly.

Now, just two years later, Maxwell has brought sunshine back to Forsberg’s life. The besties do everything together and even cuddle in the same way Forsberg and Ginger once did.

Everyone needs that one companion that brings out the best in them. Ginger was once that mate for Forsberg, and although nothing could ever replace their special bond, Maxwell has also become a perfect friend to share the rest of his days with.

We hope these two have many fulfilling years ahead of them, and we know their friendship will bring joy to your heart.

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