Video: 3-Year-Old with No Hands or Legs Takes First Steps


A baby usually takes their first steps between 9 and 12 months of age. Watching a young child stand and walk on their own has to be one of the most significant moments for a mom and dad.

All those days of guiding and teaching their little ones how to walk have finally paid off. And, as BabyCenter puts it, “Your child’s first steps are [his or her] first major move toward independence.”

By time they reach 14 or 15 months old, they’re no longer crawling around, but fully up and walking around.

Others may take longer to develop the natural ability, sometimes not fully learning until 16 or 17 months old.

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But the case of 3-year-old Taylor Lewis of Derbyshire, England, he didn’t start walking on his own until recently.

The toddler has finally overcome an obstacle that held him back from ever learning how to walk in the first place.

When Taylor was just 8 months old, the doctors diagnosed him with a serious bacterial infection called meningococcal septicemia. He fell into a coma for 17 months but eventually fought through it.

Around that time, doctors amputated his hands and one of his legs before releasing him for seven months. In September 2016, Taylor had his other leg surgically removed.

He was soon given prosthetic legs in hopes to learn how to walk. His mom told Inside Edition that her son now felt “taller like his friends.”

“He was so happy to get his new legs because they were Spider-Man’s print,” said mom Terri Lewsley. “He is obsessed with superheroes!”

Lewsley has dreams of her son waking up to a normal day like any other kid. She wants Taylor to have the experience of running and playing with his friends, and it looks like he could be on his way to making that wish come true.

A video recorded by Taylor’s daycare teacher,  Ruth Riley, was posted to Taylor’s Facebook fan page.

The mom was ecstatic when she finally watched her 3-year-old boy take his first steps without any assistance.

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When Taylor said “I can’t do this,” his teacher reassured him that he could. As she walked next to him, Taylor took every stride unaided.

Since that moment, Taylor has now been making improvements in physical therapy. He has been a fighter since day one, and according to Lewsley, his nursery has supplied a lot of that confidence.

His willingness to not give up continues to surprise his mom every day. She said, “Everything he’s been through and still had to go through, but he never lets anything stop him and today he has shown that!”

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