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Hose Sprays Out Colored Water Surprising Firefighter and Wife with Baby's Gender

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Swarming around the internet are some fascinating gender reveal parties. A lot of these ideas turn out to be simple but cute while others may be over-the-top and extreme.

Expecting parents choose to disclose the gender of their baby in any creative way that makes them happy.

From popping confetti filled balloons to smashing eggs on their forehead, these reveals are quite exciting to watch.

You could say Erica and Justin Tubbs’ latest gender reveal idea was just as thrilling.

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Since they were pregnant with their first child, the mom and dad-to-be of Decatur, Georgia, wanted to do something outside the box.

Justin, who’s a firefighter, has been in training with the City of Decatur Fire and Rescue for some time. With that in mind, he figured it would be neat to “incorporate their training into the couple’s event.”

Therefore, Justin called on his colleagues to help him plan the big reveal. They decided to use a water hose to learn the child’s sex.

He also said he funded the event all on his own.

“We utilized the training, we didn’t spend any money on it, able to buy my own buckets, and I added about on another five minutes onto our training to be able to do this for us,” he told Inside Edition.

On the day of, one of the most important people to Erica and Justin — his captain — made sure to show up even on her off day. As she held the envelope, the couple prepared to turn on the hose.

Once given the signal, the hose squirted out pink colored water, surprising the fireman and his wife. The crowd cheered as they realized their baby was a girl!

The news was a complete shock seeing that Justin comes from a family made up of all boys.

Either way, they were just happy their daughter would have the support of everyone involved.

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In that special moment, Justin was especially touched to witness “the love that everybody has for her” even before her birth.

Both he and his wife now look forward to raising their child up in a loving environment filled with firefighters.

“Everybody at this department is gonna watch her grow up just like we do, so we’re really happy that they, that he really has this bond with the people that he works with,” Erica said. “It’s a family.”

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