Elderly Woman Needs Help Fixing Hole on Roof. Cop Shows up When No One Else Could


A lot of elderly people still have the spunk and energy they once had when they were young. Many are very independent and self-sufficient.

Age hasn’t stopped some senior citizens from mowing their own lawn, grocery shopping for themselves, and doing many other things that make them happy.

However, not all elderly folks have it this good.

Some find themselves asking for assistance when it comes to completing difficult tasks. This was certainly the case for one older Kansas resident who needed help fixing a hole in her roof.

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This woman became quite concerned with the hole after hearing about an impending ice storm.

Unfortunately, she was unable to find any professional help to come out and patch up the hole.

So, on Sunday, Feb. 18, she wound up getting in contact with her local police station. Olathe Police Department also tried finding someone to help with the repair.

When that didn’t work, the department came up with their own solution. Sgt. Brian Wessling decided to show up when no one else could.

He ran home to grab tools and some new shingles before making his way to the elderly woman’s home.

In no time at all, Wessling was able to fix the roof and ease the woman’s worries.

A viral tweet by the department captured Wessling standing on a ladder in full uniform. To date, it has grabbed the attention of nearly 2,000 admirers.

“This is definitely going above and beyond the call of duty,” one person wrote. “Thank you Sir and thank you department for allowing this kind of service.”

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Another person stated that the cop has always been a good guy.

“I’ve known Sgt. Wessling for some time and he’s always been a man of integrity and kindness,” the comment read.

Wessling definitely deserves recognition for putting his duties on hold to help a senior in need.

Of course, he should also be recognized for being another kindhearted cop serving his community in any little way possible. Make sure to share this sweet story!

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