Rescue Dog from Puerto Rico Goes Wild His Very First Time Playing in Snow


Yoda, a 2-year-old chihuahua-dachshund mix, was once a stray on the streets of Dorado, Puerto Rico.

He was one of more than 150,000 dogs who were homeless and displaced in the city.

Lucky for Yoda, his rescue came right on time. Just two or three months before Hurricane Maria touched down in September 2017, Love of Satos animal charity shelter saved the young pup.

By March 2017, the organization flew Yoda out to a sister shelter in the United States. For a month, the dog stayed at Animal Shelter Inc. located in Pennsylvania.

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As soon as April approached, Yoda had found a forever home. His new owner, 26-year-old Heather Bauer, had first spotted his picture on Facebook and decided to bring him back to her home in Phoenix, Maryland.

Ever since then, Yoda has adjusted well to his new lifestyle in the states. He has learned to share his new home with Bauer’s 6-year-old Corgi Pitbull named Cooper.

“We’re so lucky to have him,” Bauer spoke of Yoda. “He is the sweetest baby, he just loves to cuddle all the time.”

Yoda has also grown accustomed to Maryland’s winter season. This came as a surprise, especially since the mutt grew up in warmer temperatures averaging to 75 degrees.

And one video has proven just how much this rescue dog can adjust to even the coldest climates. In December, Maryland experienced a heavy snowfall.

On one of those days, Bauer recorded Yoda going wild, as it was his very first time playing in the snow.

“When Yoda was found, he was a street dog in Puerto Rico and I think this had to have been the first time he had ever seen snow,” she said.

“I thought because he came from such a hot climate he’d be wary when I let them out into the snow, but he just went crazy.”

As Bauer and Cooper watched from the sidelines, Yoda joyously ran in circles around the yard. He had clearly fallen in love with the white and fluffy ground.

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“He was so excited,” Bauer said. “I was throwing snowballs at him and he couldn’t understand why they disappeared when they hit the ground.”

Bauer said she was thankful that Yoda was able to be saved right before the deadly hurricane in Puerto Rico.

If not, she would have never been able to experience priceless moments such as this one, and for that, she will forever be grateful.

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