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Dog Found 1400 Miles Away from Home, Rescuers Drive 22 Hours To Pick Her Up for Owner


Florida to Michigan: It’s no short trip, and how one little pup made it 1400 miles from her home in Lehigh Acres, Florida, to Midland, Michigan, is not really known. She simply showed up, in the middle of a street, on March 3.

The Humane Society of Midland County (HSMC) took the nearly year-old pit bull in after a good Samaritan picked her up, and somehow they were able to locate the pup’s owner states away.

“I have no clue how she ended up here, as far as, like, in Michigan,” Beth Wellman, director of HSMC, told the Detroit Free Press. “She was found as a stray, brought in here on Monday, and the person who brought her in said she found her on late Sunday.”

“She was super sweet,” Wellman added. “Typical puppy stuff: mouthy, excited, friendly, and loves everybody.”

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A volunteer put her job on hold and offered to make the trek to reunite owner and dog, a journey that lasted from Friday morning to Saturday evening. The dog, “Blue,” seemed to recognize home and seemed happy to see her owner — but her owner revealed she couldn’t take the dog back after all.

“She gave up the dog, after I drove more than 1,400 miles,” the volunteer, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Detroit Free Press. “The only thing she said was she doesn’t have time to train the dog, she doesn’t have time for the dog.”

“I just kinda just put my hands up, like ‘OK, well, if you don’t want the dog,'” the volunteer said. “If I left the dog at the house, it was just going to run away again. While I was talking, somebody else came to the door and the dog just took off. I knew it wasn’t going to be a good situation.”

“I’ll probably bring her back to the shelter because I can’t bring her back home. I’m packing up, and will try to make the full stretch back to Michigan today.”

The former owner claimed that her other dogs had been stolen or had run away, but didn’t seem to know how her dog ended up in Michigan, either. Blue got back to Midland eventually, and a search for a new home began.

“We are sad to announce (although you May have already heard) that Blue did not make it home,” the humane society posted on March 11. “Through no fault of anyone Blue is now headed back to Michigan where we will find her forever home.”

“Due to changing circumstances her family was unable to keep her and we’d like to respect their reasons and their privacy.”

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“We want to thank her transporters for their dedication to Blue, as well as everyone else who has helped along the way. No one could have predicted this unfortunate turn of events but we can now only focus on what is most important which is finding Blue a forever home.”

Thankfully someone had spotted her and decided to give the pit bull puppy another shot at being part of a family, adopting her about an hour after she got back to Michigan.

Hopefully Blue will keep her travels local from now on!

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