Dogs Stay for Weeks Guarding Elderly Owner's Body after He Passes Away


Dogs are some of the most loyal animal companions we could ask for. Just take the story of Indigo and Blue, two pups whose love for their master extended beyond death.

Tasmania Police went to go check on an elderly man when they discovered a rather bleak scene. The man had passed some time ago, leaving behind his two faithful dogs.

For weeks the two dogs, a mother-daughter duo, had stayed by his side. They were both elderly themselves, around 10 and 12 years old. With their owner gone, their prospects did not look good.

Most times, elderly dogs turned over to local shelters end up being put down. Few people are interested in starting out with dogs who are already in their twilight years.

Police called a well-known dogcatcher named Des, who was good with animals. They were concerned and didn’t want to approach the two dogs, since they were showing signs of aggression when the police entered.

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Des contacted the founder of Brightside Farm Sanctuary, Emma Haswell. Word had already reached her through the grapevine, and she took the newly homeless pups in.

“The owner had died, and no-one knew, and he had been dead for two weeks when the police found him,” she later said.

“It would have been very stressful for the dogs and very difficult for them when the police came in and they didn’t know what was going on,” she continued. “They were very, very protective. Apparently the police weren’t game to go near them.

“Nobody from the family could or would take them, so their future was looking pretty grim, so I said I would [find them a new home].”

Thankfully, since Haswell was dedicated to finding these two a new home, they were kept out of the local shelter and almost-certain euthanasia.

Indigo and Blue were adopted by a veterinarian — who better to provide excellent care during their later years and ensure that their last years would be their best?

“When I took them to their new home,” said Haswell, “I took them out into the garden to explore and it was just gorgeous.”

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“The daughter kept looking back and checking on the mother as they wandered around — they’re really bonded.

“They’re well cared for and in good health.”

The two dogs were so loyal to their former owner that it was only right that they be given another shot at life with a new family.

Thanks to Haswell and the work of Brightside Farm Sanctuary, Blue and Indigo will have more happy and healthy years ahead of them. They’ve earned it!

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