Dominion Sues Newsmax, OANN for Claims Made Regarding 2020 Election


Dominion Voting Systems is suing Newsmax and One America News Network, claiming that the conservative news outlets and their contributors spread disinformation about the voting machine company by reporting on the controversial 2020 election and numerous theories relating to voter fraud.

Dominion said in a news release Tuesday that it would target both media companies, as well as individuals who reported for them or appeared as contributors following the contested election in which Dominion was accused of malfeasance leading to a victory for Democrats on Election Day.

“Today, legal representatives for Dominion Voting Systems filed defamation complaints against Newsmax Media Inc. in the Superior Court of Delaware, and against Herring Networks Inc. — owner of One America News (OAN) Network — and Patrick Byrne in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia,” Dominion said in the release.

Byrne is the former CEO of and frequently weighed in on the election while appearing as a guest on Newsmax.

“Also named in the complaint against One American News Network are Herring Networks owners Robert Herring and Charles Herring, as well as One America News Network personalities Chanel Rion and Christina Bobb,” the release added.

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A lawsuit filed Tuesday against Newsmax accuses the outlet of defamation.

“Newsmax spread these lies by broadcasting and promoting interviews with discredited figures such as Sidney Powell, Rudolph Giuliani, Patrick Byrne, and Mike Lindell. But Newsmax went further, helping create and nurture the false and fabricated Dominion narrative by endorsing these known falsehoods as the ‘truth,’ and falsely claiming the lies had corroborated Newsmax’s own ‘investigations.’”

Dominion’s suit further said Newsmax “created an entire brand out of defaming Dominion.”

“For example, Newsmax developed an entire segment on its Greg Kelly Reports show based on Powell’s provably false claim that ‘millions of votes’ were ‘shifted by the software that was designed expressly for’ the purpose of rigging the election,” Dominion alleged.

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In another Tuesday suit against OANN, Dominion targeted not only the company and its owners, but also reporters Chanel Rion and Christina Bobb.

“Dominion emerged from the election with arguably the most-tested, most scrutinized, and most proven voting technology in recent history,” the company claimed in its suit against OANN. “What should have been a triumph, however, turned to disaster — not because of anything Dominion did, but because of the lies that influential media companies like One America News Network (OAN) promoted.”

“OAN helped create and cultivate an alternate reality where up is down, pigs have wings, and Dominion engaged in a colossal fraud to steal the presidency from Donald Trump by rigging the vote,” the suit added.

Dominion then went after Rion and Bobb, both of whom reported on claims that votes were flipped during the election.

“To capitalize on the interest its target audience had in the false Dominion narrative … Chief White House Correspondent, Chanel Rion … began producing an entire line of programming exclusively devoted to defaming Dominion,” the company claimed.

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Bobb was accused of falsely reporting Dominion “rigged” the election.

“Rion was not the only one to spread lies about Dominion on the air at OAN. She was joined by Christina Bobb, another OAN personality who, while also falsely accusing Dominion of rigging the election and stealing it from Trump, was simultaneously and covertly moonlighting as a Trump Campaign advisor.”

Dominion is asking for over $1.6 billion in damages from both Newsmax and OANN. The company claims each outlet’s respective reporting on its role in the election caused it repetitional harm and prevented it from growing into a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Both networks are also accused of reporting on Dominion’s alleged role in “rigging” elections in order to not only compete with Fox News, but to also court favor with former President Donald Trump.

The newly filed lawsuits are just the latest by Dominion. The company has previously sued Fox News, along with Lindell, Giuliani and Powell.

Those suits have yet to be resolved.

As of the time of this article’s publication, none of the defendants listed in the company’s lawsuits have officially responded.

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