DR Rushes To Free Baby from Dying Mother's Womb. Before Mom's Last Breath, Baby Takes Her 1st


It was an early Saturday morning in Flint, Michigan, when the emergency room doors flew open.

It should have been the beginning of a fun weekend. It should have been a relaxing day out visiting with her twin sister.

But instead, 22-year-old Mackenzie Ann Monreal’s body was being rushed into the hospital.

A vehicle had slammed into another after failing to stop for a blinking red light. Along with Mackenzie, three other people were rushed to the hospital, including her twin sister.

As doctors shouted her condition and what should be done, they looked at her stomach and saw her belly. Mackenzie was pregnant.

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The expectant mother wasn’t doing well. Her body wouldn’t stabilize, and before long, doctors knew what had to be done.

Mackenzie was rushed into emergency surgery to deliver her unborn baby.

As they pulled the tiny baby girl’s body from her dying mother’s womb, doctors knew Mackenzie didn’t have much time left.

Tragically, despite their efforts, the young mother took her last breath just moments after they freed her child.

But thanks to the heroic work of the doctors that day, her child survived. It was the one speck of beauty during the dark day a family lost a daughter, twin sister, and mother.

Mackenzie’s twin sister is currently in critical condition. As for Mackenzie’s baby, named Ava Rose, she is currently in the NICU for breathing assitance.

“She was so excited about this baby,” her cousin Liana Witt said. “It’s a miracle that [the baby] is here and we’re happy to have her.”

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Although the investigation of the accident is ongoing, police have reported that neither alcohol nor drugs were considered to be factors in this tragic crash.

The family has since started a fundraiser to help with the costs of Mackenzie’s funeral, as well as to assist with the expenses for raising little Ava Rose.

Although we know little of the details of the family or heroic actions of the doctors that day, one thing is certain — prayers and peace to the surviving family members during this difficult time.

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