Drone Footage Captures the Moment Ukrainian Missiles Send Russian Invaders Fleeing for Their Lives


Video shared by a Ukrainian military unit shows what purportedly are Russian troops fleeing for their lives after a devastating missile strike on their position.

The 59th Motorized Infantry Brigade posted the drone footage of the strike on its Facebook page.

The Russian forces were hidden within a wooded enclosure on the side of the road.

Video of the bombardment was published Sunday, with the unit indicating it took place in Vinnytsia Oblast in southwestern Ukraine.

“The day should start with a workout, even if you don’t really want to,” the Ukrainians said in a colorful description of the footage.

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The Russian troops emerged from hiding and ran along a road as their tactical position was destroyed by two volleys of missile fire.

“As the orcs do not like morning exercises, the guys from the 59th Motorized Infantry Brigade did their best to help them work up the necessary energy, organizing them for a morning run and push-ups,” the post said.

Ukrainians have taken to describing the Russian occupiers as “orcs” in a reference to the barbaric beings from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novels.

A fire could be seen rising from the treeline after the first missile strike, suggesting that the initial blow destroyed the Russians’ transportation or equipment.

The unit indicated in its post that the strike had destroyed a mortar battery.

An edited version of the footage published by the U.K.’s Sun captured the moment in greater detail.

“Russian soldiers can be seen fleeing up a country road after a hit in their hideout,” the outlet reported.

The fleeing troops dropped to the ground as the second volley of missile fire hit their position, a tactically correct move in response to indirect fire.

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More than a dozen people were seen running along the road. It was unclear whether the missile strike inflicted any casualties.

Ukrainian forces have utilized rocket artillery and missiles to great success in the conflict, inflicting massive casualties on the enemy in a war that Russian leader Vladimir Putin expected to end in less than a week.

Ukraine devastated a Russian helicopter fleet at an occupied airbase in Kherson, with some sources claiming the strike was made by rocket artillery and others through guided missiles.

Russia is refocusing its operations in Ukraine’s south after attempts to capture the capital of Kyiv ended in failure.

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