D'Souza's Gutsy Hollywood Film: Liberals Think 'America As We Know It Must Die'


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The term “progressive” is supposed to imply actual progress … but there’s ample evidence that today’s far-left liberals are more interested in tearing down than building up.

Even the slogans of left-leaning politicians and groups play on that “progressive” phrasing.

“Forward,” declared the single-word campaign slogan of Barack Obama in 2012. Hillary Clinton liked it so much she stole — pardon, redistributed it — and used “Forward Together” in 2016.

Not be outdone, liberal news network MSNBC got in on the action for a while, making their motto “Lean Forward” for their marketing.

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The image was clear: Forward, progress, advance. But do liberals truly stand for growth and development?

No … at least according to conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.

In his latest eye-opening movie titled “Death of a Nation,” (tickets available at that link) the India-born American dreamer paints a stark picture of the modern left, and makes a strong case that they seek to destroy and sabotage.

“There are those in America who want to end the America we love,” D’Souza somberly explained in a clip from the film, which shows groups like “Occupy Wall Street” and “antifa” hidden behind masks while rioting in the streets.

“They believe America is defined by class oppression, and white supremacy,” the conservative continued. The footage is alarming: Fires burning in American cities, and symbols of the president and swastikas being paraded through our streets by radical leftists.

“They want, in Obama’s phrase, to ‘re-make America,'” D’Souza continued. “For this to happen, America as we know it must die.”

It’s a frightening thought, but one that adds up if you consider the iconography and phrases used by the left, combined with the increasing violence of groups like “antifa.”

Could it be that the liberal path “forward” means tearing up and destroying everything that defines American culture?

D’Souza certainly thinks so, and the evidence is on his side. Just take a look at what has become sadly routine from the left: Flag-burning, makeshift weapons, and violent assaults against conservative-leaning groups who have the proper permits and are exercising freedom of speech.

Here’s a simple question: Why would the left call such violence “progressive” and “moving forward” if it wasn’t part of a larger plan to re-make America in a far darker image?

D’Souza, however, believes the 2016 election threw a major wrench into the plans of radical leftists. They simply didn’t see Donald Trump coming, and dramatically underestimated him. Now, the controversial 45th president could be a key part of pushing back the radical advance.

“Now the target of the Democrats is President Trump and his supporters,” the filmmaker explained. “The left calls them racists, white supremacists and fascists. These charges are used to justify driving Trump from office and discrediting the right ‘by any means necessary.”

If the radical left succeeds, it truly could be the death of a nation … but as Dinesh D’Souza’s film hopes to convey when it opens in theaters Aug. 3, the American people are not ready to give in that easily. Let’s hope he’s right.

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