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Duane 'Dog' Chapman's Son Has Quietly Rescued Thousands of Children from Child Abuse

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When you think of Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, there are probably quite a few images and terms that come to your mind: the characteristic hair, the gruff attitude and his seeming ease in front of a camera even in high stakes situations.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and while that’s true in some ways for Chapman’s son Wesley, it’s also true that Wes has — to this point — preferred to do his work out of the public eye.

You may not even know what he’s been doing, but people couldn’t keep quiet forever. After seven years of diligent, silent work, the world is about to find out more about what the famed bounty hunter’s son is up to.

“I never wanted to ride on my dad’s coattails,” Wes said, according to Forbes. “His blood is in my veins. And that’s more than enough.”

Wes started out by spending years developing businesses and patents and amassing a collection of powerful, wealthy friends. This has given him the perfect platform on which to build a project he’s truly passionate about: helping abused children.

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It’s called “A Human Project,” and Wes’ wife, Jodie, is the co-founder. Wes identifies his past work experience as contributing directly to his ability to tackle complex, human issues.

“I’ve done it my whole career,” he said. “When my former company worked with huge clients like Costco, Microsoft and others, it was really our ability to understand what they needed that set us apart.

“I applied those same skills to my foundation A Human Project. And I leveraged all of my high-level connections and ultra-high net worth friends to come along for the ride.”

His website outlines the project’s goals and names some of the biggest players. In the seven years he’s pursued this mission, he’s made a huge difference in the lives of children around the world, and Forbes reported that he’s rescued thousands of kids from abusive situations.

“After spending 15,000+ hours working with over 65,000 youth in 14 different countries, we have identified the solutions needed to build a world of worth,” the Human Project website reads.

“We are embarking on creating the world’s first interactive, gamified, educational platform to empower youth around the globe.”

“We continually strive to maintain connection and conversation with youth all around the world. We speak to and educate youth in schools, churches, communities and at CAMP HUMAN,” the website reads.

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Chapman is incredibly proud of his son — and who wouldn’t be? He even claims that Wes will be the next Tony Robbins.

Part of Wes’ heart for children must stem from the fact that he highly values family — something many people in positions of power tend to forget. His priorities are clear, and he has them straight.

“We get to have a lot of fun as a family and there is plenty of room for our horses and other animals,” Wes said, referring to his family’s acreage on a lake in Idaho.

“Nothing is more important than family. And this lifestyle enables my entire family to gather together whenever we like, in this incredible, serene environment.”

“In fact, we are currently acquiring hundreds of additional acres for an exciting new endeavor that you’ll hear about very soon,” he added.

Now that he’s had time to work quietly for a few years, family man Wes is ready to take up the gauntlet and go public with his project — and he’s going to be doing that with family at his side.

“My dad and I are getting ready to make a lot of noise and do some massive things,” he said. “I’ve been working behind the scenes for so long. It’s time for me to let the world know what we’ve been up to.”

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