Before Dying, Wife Tells Husband to Keep Watering Plants. Years Later, Learns Funny Reason Why


It’s always difficult to lose a loved one, and when a spouse passes away, it can be a time of complete lonesomeness.

But one woman’s dying request left her widower and his family chuckling years later.

Phedre Fitton and her husband Nigel had been together since the age of 16. After a long battle with cancer, 69-year-old Phedre passed away.

Nigel was left grief-stricken. His wife’s last request was that he continue to water her bathroom plants. Of course, he loyally did as she asked.

“They were together since they were 16 years old and he was devastated when she died. So he just did what she had asked him to do.” said her daughter Antonia Nicol.

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Phedre was described by her family as having a tremendous sense of humor. Nicol said that she was a real prankster and was incredibly cheeky.

Nigel continued to keep his promise of watering his late wife’s’ plants, even though he noticed at times that the water would run over.

The plants continued to thrive and Nigel kept watering. It gave him something to do and kept the memory of his beloved wife alive.

There was a point when Nigel believed there to be a leak in the toilet due to the puddles of water that he found in the bathroom after watering the plants. And then, five years later, he decided to move.

“They looked so amazing he decided to take them to his new home,” said Nicol. And then he discovered the truth: they were plastic!

Luckily, her father Nigel had the same great sense of humor as his wife. “I wondered why they still looked so good,” he said.

Nicol shared pictures on social media of her father watering the plastic plants, as well as photos of her parents together in their South African home before her death.

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“We really laughed about it and it was lovely to think that my mum was still there with us,” Nicol continued.

Though the death of her mother hit the family hard, this moment of laughter brought back great memories of the kind of woman she was.

The family said that they knew Phedre was chuckling when the prank finally being discovered.

The posts received many well-wishers commenting on the amazing sense of humor that Phedre had. It’s nice to know that she is still touching people with her humor.

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