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Elderly Woman Stuck in Downpour with Groceries Until Four Men Arrive to Help

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You never know when you’re going to be in the right place at the right time to help someone, but being ready and willing to help is the best way to prepare.

Four young men in Seminole County, Florida, seized the opportunity to help last month when they realized an elderly woman was struggling with her mobility scooter.

She was stuck in the middle of the street. It was raining. She had just gone grocery shopping, and had her groceries with her. The four men saw her as they were getting ready to go home, but they stopped.

“[We] noticed the woman was clearly experiencing a malfunction with her mobile scooter,” JohnMorgan Massa, corporate general manager at Rebounderz Adventure Parks, told Fox News.

“We were tired, dirty and wanted to get back to the hotel; but, knew without a doubt that regardless of our long day, it certainly wasn’t worse than the day this lady was having. She literally had a plastic bag on her head to keep her hair dry.”

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“We knew we couldn’t leave her in the rain, in the middle of the road, frantically trying to get her scooter to work again.”

So three of them pushed the scooter three-quarters of a mile with the woman in it back to her residence, while the fourth ran ahead, holding an umbrella for the woman.

Katty Castro, who works at Florida Living Retirement Community, heard something going on and was surprised by what she saw.

“Since this is a very quiet neighborhood I was surprised to hear a commotion, laughs and four gentlemen pushing one of my lady residents under a heavy storm in Florida,” she said.

“They were pushing her up the big slope toward her residence. These heroes were so focused on helping regardless of the inclement weather and they were even covering her with an umbrella, which showed more compassion on their part.

“Those scooters are heavy, add the resident’s weight, her groceries and collapsing tires, the sum is a whole workout. But, I am proud of their sacrifice.”

She made sure to thank them and then asked for a group photo. Afterward, she shared the heartwarming story and photos on social media.

“I am so happy to see these kind and helpful boys pushing an elderly lady on her electrical scooter during the heavy rain this evening,” a post from the Florida Living Retirement Community on Sept. 20 read.

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“Her scooter [stopped] moving somewhere at the 7 eleven (436/Bear Lake) and they kindly pushed up all the way to her community on Edgehill Place (Florida Living Retirement). I was so moved.”

While Castro initially believed the young men to be students at the local high school, she soon found out they were employees of the nearby Rebounderz Adventure Parks.

She added that “[t]hey were surprised by your beautiful responses,” and to “[f]eel free to send them your love.474 S Hunt Club Blvd. Apopka, FL 32703.”

The four good Samaritans were happy to help and didn’t expect any of the praise they’ve since gotten.

“We just wanted her to get home safely,” Massa said. “We never expected recognition, just helping a fellow member of our community.”

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