Elderly Woman Victim of Elevator Heist Caught on Camera


There are a few basic rules about being a decent human being that we all know. They were ingrained by school, parents, and Sunday school.

If we missed these valuable lessons, then we may have less of a foundation from which to make moral choices. And, look around you, there are more than enough of those people in the world.

Before you venture into the world you should ask yourself, “do I really want to be a terrible person? Wouldn’t I rather be the sort of person who makes the world a better place?”

Or, do I want to be the other sort of person? The sort who makes the world a much worse place?

For those who don’t know — you missed that day in Sunday School — the keys to being a decent person are few and simple.

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Don’t hurt people, do have gratitude for the good things in life, and always respect the elderly. Don’t kick dogs and don’t steal cats. In short, love your neighbor as yourself.

On July 26 in east London, a 69-year-old woman had withdrawn her life savings and headed to the elevator at the Exchange Shopping Mall.

Shortly afterwards, two men entered the elevator, pressed random buttons, and and began to argue with her.

Unknown to her, at the same time another woman began to rummage through her handbag. This woman made an unsuccessful first attempt, bending down to rummage through the bag.

When that didn’t work she moved into the elevator and the two men followed, beginning their distraction. The woman didn’t realize the theft until she got into her daughter’s car.

Both of the men are described as being Eastern European. One man is reported as being in his 40s, the other his 30s. The woman was white, in her 40s, and had long, white, dyed hair.

The older of the men had receding, short, dark hair. The younger man had short, black hair.

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These are people who did not learn to be decent humans. Luckily all of us reading this know to be decent, good folks to the elderly, children, and animals.

If you or anyone you know has any clues, the police could use them.

“We are appealing for any information as to the identity of these three suspects,” said Carl Repper, PC from the East Area Command. “The victim has lost a large amount of her savings as a result of her ordeal.”

If you live in the UK and have any information, please contact East Area Command by tweeting @MetCC.

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