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Elementary School Teachers Drive Through Neighborhoods So They Can See Their Students


Parades: The hottest new way to show people you care about them while also maintaining a safe distance. No longer reserved for holidays and swarms of onlookers, there are many small-scale, heartfelt parades being organized across the United States during the coronavirus crisis.

Just because kids aren’t currently in classrooms doesn’t mean their teachers aren’t thinking of them.

Schooling outside of school has been tough for some kids (and parents!) as well as the teachers, and to show their love for and dedication to their students, many teachers are participating in parades that will take them by their students’ homes to see them while still allowing them to practice social distancing.

Heather Kestila posted one such video on Friday, and admitted that the kind gesture may have gotten her to tear up.

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“The teachers from Robertson elementary drove through our neighborhood today so they could see the kids,” she posted. “The wind might have gotten in my eyes. ?❤️?❤️?”

The video has been viewed over six million times and has been shared over 200,000 times. Many of the people tagged in the comments are teachers who would like to do something similar or parents of students who would love this kind of a parade.

“This makes me cry,” wrote one commenter. “[M]y son misses his friends and teachers. He is in kindergarten and he just doesn’t understand why can’t he goes to school.”

“This is the most heartwarming video I have ever seen, one huge tear jerker,” wrote another.

Robertson Elementary isn’t the only one rounding up teachers and vehicles and going out to spread cheer.

A woman by the name of Lola Lavender-Hardisty shared a video of a similar parade on her Facebook page as well.

“Thank you to principal Mr. Hurst, teachers and staff at Lone Star Elementary for the parade today!” she wrote. “They drove down every street where students lived to wave, blow kisses, and give air hugs to students standing outside with signs that they made. Kayne and Garrett loved it!”

“We appreciate all of these wonderful educators. Thank you for teaching, guiding and loving our granddarlings.”

Be Careful What You Flush

“Thanks for sharing this Lola!” one person commented. “Our son’s girlfriend is a teacher and they are doing a parade for their students this week! Love this idea!”

Yet another parade took place recently thanks to Garrett Elementary, and proof was posted by a woman named Rosalia Jeannette Guerra.

“May God Bless Our Teachers!” she wrote. “Garrett Elementary teachers surprise their students with a blissful parade around the neighborhoods and show some love amid the COVID-19 pandemic!”

While we’ve seen some examples of human greed and selfishness in the past few weeks, this is a lovely reminder that there are still plenty of selfless people out there who are happy to go out of their way to bring a little joy to others.

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