Elizabeth Taylor Pronounced Dead 4X by DRs. Sees Late Husband Who Tells Her to Go Back


Breathe deep and say it with me: “I/We will NEVER be as cool as Elizabeth Taylor.”

Taylor won two Academy Awards in her life, one for “Butterfield 8” and the other for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe.”

She was married eight times during her life. Her final role was the Carrie-Fisher-penned TV film “Those Old Broads” where she starred opposite Fisher’s mother Debbie Reynolds, whose husband — and Fisher’s father — had left for Taylor.

And when she died on March 23, 2011, this was not the first but second time she had died. The first time was in the early ’60s.

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I’m not that cool. I plan to be married this one time and to die maybe just one time at the end of my life.

In fact, I don’t think most of us have mystical experiences of deceased lovers. 

In 1992, Taylor visited the set of the Oprah Winfrey Show and spoke about her near-death experience.

“I was declared dead four times,” she explained. After five minutes of no vital signs, she remembers trying to will her body to move: blink an eye, lift a finger. Anything to tell the doctors she was still there.

“When I had the out-of-body experience and could see the people working around me, I tried desperately to move an eyelid, a finger, to let them know that I could hear them saying, ‘I think we lost her,’” she explained.

“I was saying to them, ‘No, you haven’t! I’m here!’” But four times they pronounced her dead.

During this out-of-body experience, she reported she encountered the spirit of her late husband Mike Todd who had passed away in 1958.

“I wanted to be with him more than anything in the world. He said, ‘No, baby, you can’t; it’s not your time.

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“‘You can’t come over. You have to fight to go back.’”

She was able to wake up and and continue living her life for almost 30 more years.

For a while, Taylor didn’t talk about her experience. She had no way to prove it or explain exactly what happened, but when she started to hear other, similar stories, she realized she was not alone.

Elizabeth Taylor’s second and final death came 53 years and one day after Todd’s death. May they both rest in peace.

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