Elon Musk Publicly Puts Biden in His Place After White House Targets Kids with 'Pride' Message


How come it is beginning to feel like the Biden administration will soon be enacting measures to join every expectant mother and father in the delivery room, only to snatch the newborn infant from their mother’s loins the minute they pass through? To hijack the direct bond between parent and child and endeavor to convince parents that the government holds a significant place in that dynamic, too, is beyond reproach.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk should feel no need to stand in defense of this. Yet, what did he do on Wednesday? He tweeted out in defense of parental rights, highlighting the sanctity of the parent-child relationship in an attempt to restore sanity among a society in which it continues to erode. Musk is a parent after all.

Musk’s tweet came in response to a one sent out by the White House’s official account on Tuesday.

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In the video, which displayed the White House lit up like a rainbow, President Joe Biden is heard saying, “These are our kids. … Not somebody else’s kids. They’re all our kids.”

“You are the government. They are NOT your kids,” Musk responded.

Is Elon Musk right about the government and children?

No, Joe. You and the rest of the evil empire that you currently have running our nation into the ground don’t have dibs on our kids. We’ve already experienced the reckless nature in which you handle much of our precious resources. Oil prices are up. Food insecurity continues to expand. Home foreclosures are on the rise. Inflation bites bigger chunks out of paychecks. And an all out recession looms.

The audacity in trying to convince us that you will do better with our most precious ones is right up there with the belief that Hunter Biden is the choir boy you continue to claim him to be. Or that former President Donald Trump is receiving equal justice under the law. Or that the immersion of socialism among students attending public school is all in conservatives’ heads.

Conservative parents see you and the liberal left agenda clearly. How you are using the confusion and frailty of struggling children within the LGBT community to your advantage, crying savior when a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” is all you truly are.

The effectiveness of your messaging may have erroneously become the crux of mainstream thinking among many — but not all.

Getting a hold of the majority of our children is the next obvious step in their plan.

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Public schools offer forty hours a week of uninterrupted brainwashing in this regard. What it doesn’t offer is a beneficial education in training young minds to think for themselves. It doesn’t mentor a love for learning. It doesn’t provide basic understanding of reading, writing, mathematics, science or history for so many. It fails to teach critical life skills necessary for daily living.

The first public school was established in Boston on April 23, 1635. And a lot has changed in children’s lives, leaving them to contend with a world few are prepared to live in. Simply put, kids barely understand biology yet are encouraged to declare their own “gender identity” prior to fully realizing what being a grown-up, adult man or woman actually encompasses.

Make sense of that and I guess the rest of this administration’s logic would make sense, too. To the majority of us thinking individuals, however, it doesn’t, which is why Musk garnered such popularity even before he invaded Twitter and made it his home.

This isn’t the first time the so-called intellectuals went blind while the common man’s vision became ever so keen. Those familiar with history know this. That is the reason history is imperative to study and why it is under attack by the left, hence the need for the widespread integration of additional private and charter schools into our educational mix.

Homeschooling has certainly demonstrated the benefits of alternate educational routes. Kids excel when engaged in environments that are truly designed to develop young minds, not ulterior motives nor agendas. But not every child residing in the United States lives within the conditions that allows him or her to be homeschooled like the other 6.73% of students are.

Our nation needs to change this for the immediate protection and education of our children and the overall long term outlook of our future. The distractions aren’t just impeding progress in this regard but growing the resistance naively. Even more reason to thwart our government from redefining their role in the parent-child dynamic.

Once children begin to believe that the government shares equal stature with their parents, there will be no stopping what comes next. “Equal” will soon become “ahead,” followed by generations in tow.

Parents will no longer hold any power. This is the point when socialism will truly take hold. And freedom? Freedom will be lost forever.

The time is now to put an end to the continued over-reaches presented so confidently and intentionally by President Biden and his White House staff. The calculating nature of this administration must always be expected and taken seriously. Nothing is as it seems under their watch, which is the reason Twitter CEO Elon Musk simply — and rather effectively — answered in kind. And it’s why we must, too, at every turn.

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Laura J. Wellington is an award-winning children's television creator, author, blogger and technology entrepreneur. A TED Speaker, she is the founder of the THREAD MB blog as well as the ZNEEX app.
Laura J. Wellington is an award-winning children's television creator, author, blogger and technology entrepreneur. A TED Speaker, she is the founder of the THREAD MB blog as well as the ZNEEX app.