End Times? Obama Wrote 8 Words at Top of Freedom Tower, May Have Fulfilled Horrifying Bible Prophecy


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New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn, in his new documentary film, “The Harbingers of Things to Come,” identified eight words then-President Barack Obama wrote on a beam placed atop One World Trade Center in 2012 that mirrored a prophecy of judgment against ancient Israel.

The film is based, in part, on Cahn’s 2012 blockbuster book, “The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future,” and his 2020 follow-up, “The Harbinger II: The Return.”

Watch Cahn’s powerful film, “The Harbingers of Things to Come,” now streaming or available on DVD.

Cahn, who is a Jewish believer in Jesus Christ, identified a surprisingly similar pattern in the judgment that the United States appears to be experiencing to that of ancient Israel as recorded in the Bible.

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The premise underlying both his books and the movie is that Sept. 11, 2001, marked the beginning of that judgment.

In the film, which is now streaming or available on DVD here, Cahn points out that then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle actually, unwittingly, made the connection when he quoted from the prophet Isaiah on the Senate floor the day after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The biblical passage Isaiah 9:10 says, “The bricks have fallen, but we will build with dressed stones; the sycamores have been cut down, but we will put cedars in their place.”

Cahn noted that out of Daschle’s “mouth came the words that sealed ancient Israel’s destruction.”

In Isaiah 9:10, the prophet was recording a prideful boast made by ancient Israel’s leaders after the Assyrian army conducted a raid in the northern part of the kingdom in 732 B.C.

This limited invasion, the Bible recorded, was a manifestation of God’s judgment — a warning blow.

Unfortunately, the people did not respond to this breach of their defenses by repenting of their wicked ways and turning back to God, so things got worse. God allowed the Assyrian army to conquer the northern kingdom capital of Samaria in 722 B.C., and eventually the entire kingdom fell into enemy hands.

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Similarly, Cahn identified the 9/11 attacks as a breach of the nation’s defenses, akin to what ancient Israel experienced, and America responded with the same failure to repent.

Daschle “proclaimed the ancient vow of Isaiah 9:10 word for word. He identified America as the nation now under judgment and 9/11 as the day that it began,” Cahn said.

Eleven years later, in June 2012, Obama would mimic the essence of the Isaiah 9:10 vow by what he wrote on a beam placed at the top of One World Trade Center at ground zero.

“Hidden inside this tower is a mystery, a biblical mystery, that goes back thousands of years. Hidden on the top, written by the leader of the land, the highest words in America, words that two-and-a-half thousand years ago brought judgment and destruction on a nation,” Cahn said.

Obama wrote: “We remember. We rebuild. We come back stronger!”

Cahn argued it was the same three elements of Isaiah 9:10: remembrance of destruction, pledge to rebuild and plan to come back stronger.

And Obama did so even with the same number of words contained in the Bible text.

“When the leaders of ancient Israel issued that vow that sealed the nation’s destruction, they did so with a total of eight Hebrew words. When the president inscribed the modern version of that vow on the beam of the tower, how many words were on that beam? Eight English words matching the eight Hebrew words,” Cahn said.

“So now crowning the tower of defiance were the ancient words of defiance. … The highest words of America proclaim to the heavens a nation’s defiance of God,” he added.

Obama’s and Daschle’s words are just one parallel Cahn identified to the pattern of judgment ancient Israel experienced, and “the harbingers haven’t stopped” in America, he told The Western Journal.

Cahn believes the U.S. is still on the judgment track, based on policies that promote abortion and same-sex marriage, among other issues that run counter to God’s laws.

He sees COVID-19 as another manifestation of God’s judgment. Though it was a worldwide pandemic, it hit the U.S. hard — particularly the state with the nation’s most drastic abortion laws beginning in the 1970s: New York.

“When the plague came to America, about one-quarter of all cases came from New York. New York state and New York City quickly became the plague capital of the nation and then of the world,” Cahn said.

The author believes there is still hope for the U.S., based on some previous times in the nation’s history when the people changed course and the land returned to security and prosperity.

Watch Cahn make his powerful case in “The Harbingers of Things to Come,” now streaming or available on DVD.

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