Eric Swalwell Humiliated, Will Regret Posting Anti-Gun Poll for the Rest of His Life


US Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) decided polling his followers on gun control would be a good idea.

Hours later, he realized it was actually not a good idea.

In fact, it was a terrible idea to set up a bunk poll, use pitifully leading questions, and cast his opposition as more or less child-haters. And he paid the price.

Swalwell’s poll asked his followers if they support a program to buy back ‘every weapon of war in America.’

Now there are plenty of reasons that is ridiculous in and of itself.

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First, weapon buybacks don’t work. Second, there aren’t weapons of war on America’s streets (no person in his right mind would go into battle with an AR-15 over the highly regulated M4 or M16). Third, the ‘weapons of war’ in the hands of law-abiding civilians have only been acquired after extensive government paperwork, background checks, and signatures from chief law enforcement officers in those citizens’ jurisdictions.

Those reasons, however, are not what make the poll ridiculous. What makes it ridiculous is that Swalwell, like the rest of his Democrat buddies, actually thinks that Americans support his wildly unconstitutional interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Put it down big, plain, and straight, Rep. Swalwell. Americans do not support your unconstitutional views. In fact, they oppose them.

And Swalwell’s poll confirmed just that. Hours and 102,000 responses later, his poll showed 71% of respondents disagreed with him.

Not only did those respondents disagree, but they disagreed enough to be willing to pick his ridiculously worded option ‘No [we don’t support buy backs]. We love Guns > Kids.’

Swalwell made the two big mistakes that almost every leftist politician in America makes. First, he thought that the American public was with him, but they weren’t. Second, he thought he could shame people into responding the way he wanted.

The American people, however, are not basically leftist and they’re not amenable to being guilted. They’re basically conservative, even when they get tricked by leftist, swampy politicians, and they prefer freedom to fear of guilt or shame.

Additionally, it’s like Swalwell thought the pro-gun crowd who saw his poll would go down without a fight. He apparently didn’t consider that they might fight back and hijack his poll.

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Doesn’t that remind you of the much bigger miscalculation gun-grabbers make? They always think law-abiding, gun-owning Americans will be willing to surrender their weapons once a simple law or executive order passes, and that that surrender will come without a fight.

If he thinks the way these gun owners fought him on his own dinky little poll is bad, he can’t imagine what would happen if the left got enough control to actually try to confiscate weapons.

That… that will be a fight for the ages. And those defending their constitutional rights will not give up.

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