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Escaped Cow Leads Police on Hour-Long Chase in the Middle of an Atlanta Highway


Driving on the freeway has its dangers. There are the other drivers to contend with, debris in the roadway and the occasional … cow?

On Saturday morning in Atlanta, that’s what drivers encountered when what appears to be a steer somehow got loose on I-285.

A crash had been reported in the area, and it’s unclear if the loose livestock animal was a result or the cause — but there he was, dodging cars and would-be rescuers on the busy freeway at around 9:00 a.m.

Officers with the Dunwoody Police Department arrived to help, though it was a concerned citizen who was able to secure the large animal after it had been roaming free for about an hour.

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“Chasing people is a norm for officers,” the Dunwoody Police Department posted on Saturday. “However, chasing cows on the interstate … not so much. This morning, Dunwoody officers responded to a cow running on I-285 in Dunwoody.

“It was determined the cow fell out of a livestock trailer and was seen running down the interstate into Dunwoody.

“With the assistance of a citizen with a rope, Officers were able to safely capture the cow and get it back to it’s owner.”

The bovine was certainly an unexpected sight for commuters that morning, a fact driver Michael Gerbick confirmed.

“Traffic was moving a little,” he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Cars were slowly getting by.

“Then all the sudden this cow comes running around the corner with a gentleman chasing him. I was surprised when I saw it, but I guess it is Atlanta.”

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While the creature was safely contained, escorted out of traffic and eventually returned to its owner, its great escape has prompted many to vie for its freedom.

Many also pointed out that the poor beast looked to have gotten skinned up in the fall and would need some medical attention, but thankfully it does not appear to have been injured more gravely than that.

While the steer’s ultimate fate is unknown, thankfully he was contained before being hit or causing any further injuries or accidents on the road.

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