Even a Democratic Border-Town Mayor Is Sounding the Alarm on Biden's Border Crisis


While the Biden administration is still prioritizing public relations over informing the public, more Democratic officials are slowly but surely acknowledging the crisis at the southern border.

Democratic Mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio, Texas, a border town, slammed the White House’s response to the surge of illegal immigrants arriving.

“You have a breach on national security levels that have never before been seen in modern history and you’re not even batting an eye about it, you’re not even calling it a ‘crisis,’ you’re calling it a quote-unquote ‘challenge,'” Lozano told the New York Post on Sunday.

“It’s a slap in the face.”

This is not the first time the Democrat has been critical of the president.

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In February, Lozano released a video statement asking Biden not to release any migrants into the community during the winter storm, which brought cold temperatures and caused massive power outages.

Anyone with eyes can see that the surge has to do with Biden’s messaging that he would be more welcoming to people crossing the border compared to the Trump administration, and now everyone from migrants to community members are dealing with the consequences of being unprepared.

Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who has often supported policies considered too conservative for most Democrats, sent a letter to the president with Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn on Monday calling for bipartisan solutions.

“We write to urge you to use your full authorities to effectively respond to and successfully manage the ongoing crisis at our Southwest Border. It is critical that our nation take aggressive steps to secure our border, protect our communities and ensure migrants are treated fairly and humanely,” they wrote in the letter.

“We cannot afford to be consumed by partisan battles on this critical topic. We will continue to seek bipartisan agreement with you and our colleagues to develop common-sense solutions that improve the situation on our border and keep our communities safe.”

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Biden and his team are well aware that if the border crisis were widely reported, it would damage the administration’s “return to normalcy” image.

Under Trump, the 2019 border crisis was eventually calmed down, but networks ensured that there would be wall-to-wall coverage to place the blame on the president.

The lack of transparency and urgency from the White House is causing bipartisan backlash, and leaders like Lozano have every right to be furious.

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